Triple Double Dipping

Try saying that 10 times REALLY fast without stopping. Well we have been for the past few months, should we double dip? Double dip receiver, double dip, O-line, or even double dip secondary? here are a few double dipping drafts.

Let's start with doubling on The O-line!

1st: David Yankey. Guard, Stanford.

2nd: Morgan Moses. Tackle, Virginia

I Feel as if the Tackle positions are going to be hounded in the first round, leaving David Yankey ( a guard) open to draft. He is intelligent, a hog mollie, and a Senior Leader. He would fit our O-line perfectly. I say we plug him in at Left Guard, and move Silatolu to the RG or RT, and see how he does. If we put Silatolu at RT kugbila will have a shot to start at right guard.

I feel like i'm dreaming with Moses here in the 2nd round, but if he does some how pop up at pick 56, we HAVE to take him. He is a great Tackle, and would step into right tackle right away, while gross finishes his last season or 2 at the LT.

With this draft our depth chart from left to right would be: Jordan Gross. David Yankey, Ryan Kalil, Amini Silatolu, Morgan Moses.

Let's do receivers!

1st: Brandin Cooks Wide Receiver, OSU
2nd: Davante Adams, Wide Receiver, Fresno state

I'm not sure if i'm reaching for cooks, but quite frankily, i don't care. He is one of the best receivers in this class, the only thing stopping him from cracking the top 15 picks in the draft is his height. Other than height he is fast, good route runner, Great vertical jumper, redzone threat, (despite being 5"10) and has hands like flypaper.

Davnte Adams is reminiscent of Cooks, just taller. He is 6"2, has AMAZING jumping skills. Attacks the ball at it's highest point, and has pretty good speed.

Let's do secondary!

1st: Ha'Sean (haha) Clinton Dix
2nd: Jason Verret

With the run on O-line and receivers, the secondary positions will be left wide open, meaning that Haha Clinton Dix will be available. He is a top 2 safety prospect, he is a ballhawk, uses proper tackling technique, and has a nack for deep coverage. Best Safety to come out of Bama since Mark Barron.

like I said, the run on OL and receivers is gonna push back top tier corners, and safety's. I wouldn't be surprised to see Verret Fall here. He may be undersized, but he is still a beast. He knows the tackling technique like a book, and has good footwork. Only thing that is questionable top end speed. Projected to run a 4.5 in the dash.

What was your Favorite Mock?







Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Alabama Highlights ᴴᴰ (via Harris Highlights)

2013 David Yankey Highlight (via StanfordFball)

Biletnikoff Award 2013 Brandin Cooks ESPN College Football Awards (via OSUBeaverTV)

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