Full Off-season Out-Look

With the Combine right around the corner, and free agency not to far away it's time to do some off-season predictions. So let's get to it.

Free Agency.

Notable people are as follows:

Greg Hardy- Walk.
Jordan Gross- Sign (2 year deal)
Brandon LAffel- Sign (#3 money or walk)
Mike Mitchell- Sign (3-4 year deal)
Charles Godfrey- Friendly restructure, If not, Walk.
Ted Ginn Jr.- Sign (2 year deal)
Capt. Munnerlynn- Sign (2 year deal as a NICKEL corner.)
Drayton Florence- Sign (1 year deal)
Domenik Hixon.- Walk.
Byron Bell- Walk

With those guys i put Sign/Walk.

Godfrey, and Munnerlynn were tough calls, but i think those are fair deals. Hardy Tag and trade is a pipe dream, don't count on it. If it was in the talks, we would be hearing rumors by now. Mitchell deserves a long term deal. He is the best safety we have right now. Ginn is a very good special teams man, and a solid #3. I believe Florence has something left in him, i'd give him another 1 year deal. As for Laffel, he won't be a number 2 anymore. So he'll have to take #3 pay, or test free agency. Hixon didn't really contribute this year, and we have king, and mcnutt to take his spot. Byron Bell needs to take a hike to Taco Bell.

Free Agency Signings.

Well if we get rid of Hardy, Bell, Laffel and Hixon, we will need to find some free agents. i don't count on us drafting a DE in the draft, so lets look at Free agency.

Justin Tuck- Defensive End, Giants.
It's no question that tuck is a top 10 Defensive end. he would come in cheaper, and ready to play. We keep our dominant D-line, and Tuck is put back into a playoff roster.

Hakeem Nicks- Wide Receiver, Giants.
I don't understand why so many people dislike Nicks. He is still productive, he was just on a crap team last season. I think nicks would come in and give the panthers 1000 yards, and 5-8 touchdowns. i would like to think he only gets 2 years for 5-6 million. with bonuses. He gets 2.5-3 million guaranteed money.

That's it for Fa. Let's get to the draft!

2014 NFL Draft

1st round: Allen Robinson Wide Receiver. Penn State.

2nd round: Morgan Moses. Tackle, Virginia

3rd round: James Hurst, Tackle, UNC

4th round: De'Anthony Thomas, Running back, Oregon.

5th round: Aaron Colvin, Cornerback, Oklahoma.

6th round: Depth BPA

7th round: Depth BPA

My Darkhorse pick is De'anthony Thomas. I think it would be a fantastic pick right there. Once stewart's contract voids, he will hit the road, and D-lo can retire a panther. Thomas and Barner were team mates and will have fantastic chemistry being the #1, and #2 punch backs, along with mike tolbert at fullback. Thomas is arguably the best athlete running back in the draft.

I like a receiver in the first for combination with nicks an smitty, if Nicks can stand out, we will be able to resign him to a long term deal in 2 seasons after stewy's contract voids. So our depth will be a knock out. Hakeem nicks, Allen robinson, Smitty, Ginn.

Morgan Moses comes in and takes the right tackle job day 1, while James Hurst waits for Gross to retire, Moses slides to left tackle, and Hurst moves to the right tackle.

I love De'Thomas in the 4th round. He is lighting fast, a special team demon, and a backfield receiver. Him and barner would be the best 1-2 runningback combo in the league.

Colvin in the 5th is great! Colvin would take the #1 Corner position day 1, and move florence to #2, while munnerlynn takes down the nickel, and some other depth guys fill in.

Rounds 6-7 are for depth, probably another Corner, and some sort of LG, or RG.

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