CSR Wishlist.

I've been meaning to do this for a LONG time, but now i finally have some time to do it. Please note that i'm not trying to over work the admins, or complaining, everything about this sight is amazing and i'm glad to be here. Thank you Jaxon for implementing blue Recommended comments! but here are a few things i'd like to see improved:

Comment Editing after 90 seconds.

I find it annoying when i post a comment and then 80 seconds later i think of something that i want to add, but it's too late. Double posting is a nuisance, and makes you look dumb.

Deleting Comments.

some times when i'm posting i'll hold the enter key down like an idiot and post 8 times in a row, or ill type something up, then post it, but then think what ive posted is totally stupid, henceforth i can't delete what i wrote and have to think of something else to right in 90 seconds. that refers back to #1

Voting on a poll makes the thread active or RECing it.

Making a thread active means that people are interacting with your thread, whether it be: RECing it, voting on a poll, or commenting. Therefore it is active, and makes it show up on the active bar in Fanposts.

Making FanShots relevant.

Sometimes when CSR is dead, i'll just snoop around on here and click on Fanshots. To me, it seems as if no one uses it. You may be lucky to get more than 2 comments, or ever find new threads on there. sometimes i'll go to comment on something, just to see it is 2 weeks old because no one has been using it. Maybe tweak with it a little to make it more useful, or just scrap it and make fan posts just one big thing. Maybe even turn FanShots into Fan Images. Where we can post photos of the game on Sunday, or snow storms, or even tailgating at the game.

Daily open threads.

Open threads keep the forums activate, and alive. I love discussing random, non football related things with people on here. I hate having to wait all week for open threads. If we did open threads daily, we'd have alot of buzz around here, and we'd get to know each other better.

Fan Videos

A new sub section for draft analysis so that we don't give our fingers arthritis typing 500 word threads. Or just plain for anything! Video's of awesome game day recipe's, or recommended products. Basically, a video section for whatever we want.

I hope what i'm asking isn't too much, i think CSR is amazing and a very friendly, welcoming community. I think that these few upgrades would make CSR that much better, and would make the fan experience 1 million times better. I'm not sure if Jaxon, or any of the mods can do these things, but if they could it'd be awesome! Hope you guys enjoyed my ideas!



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