Brandin Cooks, Smitty 2.0?

This rather short wide receiver has been seen mocked to us by a few internet sources, and has caught my several times on this forum, i've been planning to do a thread on him, so why not now? Brandin Cooks, standing at 5"10 is a speed demon, projected to run in the early 4.3 range, he may even crack the 4.29 range. Cooks is very consistent, sky rocketing from 1151 yards in 2012, to 1730 yards and a whopping 17 touchdowns in 2013. Cooks is a Junior for the Oregon State Beavers. Let's break him down.



Let's start with Brandin Cooks speed. Like i stated above cooks stated that he believes he will run in the 4.3 range. I believe he may even crack the 4.2 range if he fires off right. He has Elite top end speed that can give a defense whiplash. Unlike Ted Ginn, he has Agile, and Elusive speed. Not just straight speed. Does Brandin Cooks run good routes?

Brandin Cooks runs nice routes. He generally runs slants, and streaks, is a god on screens. he has amazing feet on the sidelines, and is a red zone threat (despite being 5"10). Does he have good hands?

Rarely does he ever body catch, He has the best hands in the draft in my opinion. NEVER drops passes. Uses his hands like flypaper to catch the ball, and has an amazing vertical jump. Does Cooks show leadership?

Depsite being a junior, Brandin Cooks is the Vocal of OSU's offense. Leads with an iron fist when the team is down. Single handily led the beavers receiving game, even without a real #2 man. Brandin Cooks Injury history?

Brandin Cooks has had 0 Missed games in his first 3 years with OSU. He averages at least 4 catches a game for OSU. Is Cooks a Jack of all Trades?

Cooks is the best multi-dimensional receiver in this draft. He returns kicks, punts, does end arounds, catches great, and a good run blocker. Potential? Comparison

Brandin Cooks Potential. Ceiling: Top 15 #1 receiver (Steve Smith). Basement: Elite Slot Receiver

Here is Cooks in a Mini Mock

1st Brandin Cooks
2nd Morgan Moses
3rd James Hurst



Brandin Cooks complete 2013 highlights (via TheBeaverskickass)

Brandin Cooks vs Hawaii and Utah 2013 (via JmpasqDraftjedi)

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