Predicting the Panthers Prime Time Games


The Panthers ended up getting three prime time games in 2013 thanks to the home game with the Saints getting flexed. So how many might the Panthers see in 2014 given their NFC South division crown? The Bleacher Report thinks it might be four and I think I agree.

Yet I have a different opinion on which four they might be. I do agree the Seahawks and at least one Saints game are obvious choices. I would be surprised if that didn't happen actually. Now whether it's our home game with the Saints or not I'm not sure. My guess is it would be the game in New Orleans since the Seahawks game is at BoA.

A prime time game in Philly seems likely as well though we did blow them out at home two seasons ago on MNF. Woot Woot! I had to throw that in there. So I would welcome that game, especially if its early in the season as suggested.

Now the fourth game is where I disagree:

Predicting Which Carolina Panthers' Games Will Be Slotted for Prime Time
Cincinnati Bengals This would be the first official meeting between Cam Newton and Andy Dalton (the Panthers played the Bengals in the 2011 preseason). Both quarterbacks were taken in the 2011 draft and each has been partly responsible for their respective teams' turnaround. Last season, both clubs won their division and were bounced after one game.

I'm not seeing the Newton vs Dalton draw this BR writer is seeing. Instead I think this game will be a home game since we already have 2 prime time road games laid out above. That still leaves some tantalizing options such as the Lions, the Bears and the Steelers. I realize all three had mediocre seasons last year but I think TV rating-wise all three are legit options.

So my thought is it will be the Steelers though I would prefer it to be the Bears. I just don't think the league sees the 'Peppers goes back to Carolina' aspect like we would.

If the fourth prime time game on the other is a 3rd road game my preference would be the Ravens instead of the Bengals.

In the event the Panthers get a 5th prime time game due to being flexed in on a Sunday Night late in the season I bet it would be against the Bucs. I think they are more likely to rebound this year under Lovie Smith than the Falcons are given the state of the Falcons roster.

So what are your thoughts Panther fans?

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