Tuesday Afternoon Prospect: Playoff Hiatus Edition

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Because the Panthers have presently put themselves in a position to make a playoff run, I am placing the usual format of T.A.P. on hold. From where I stand, only one prospect is on my mind at this time, and that is the prospect of running the table. I hope you enjoy my acronym inspired reflection on the 2013 season and my prediction for this Sunday's game against the 49ers.

C is for Chemistry.

This team has that family mentality where everyone has each others' backs and it's paid huge dividends.

A is for Art(of winning).

The Panthers learned how to win in the midst of adversity and prosperity, a balancing act that isn't easily attained.

R is for Relevance.

Goodbye obscurity, hello relevance. How sweet it is.

O is for Opportunistic.

One of the hallmarks of this team has been their ability to make crucial plays at crucial times.

L is for Luuuuuke!

This 22 year old wunderkind established himself as one of the best defensive players in all of the NFL.

I is for Identity.

The Panthers are an elite defense again and it turned out to be the main ingredient in their winning formula.

N is for Newton.

Cam didn't post prolific numbers, but he made less mistakes and proved his worth as a comeback artist.

A is for Agents.

Free agents of course. Where would the Panthers be without those critical mid-level signings? Vacationing.

P is for playoffs.

After a 1-3 start, who could have predicted an unprecedented run that included winning 11 of their next 12 games.

A is for Attitude.

This team refused to lose twelve times and a group of individuals became one in the process.

N is for Numbers.

The two most refreshing numbers we've seen in a while: 12 and 4.

T is for Thomas.

There is no doubting Thomas Davis. He is an inspiration who exemplifies what it means to Keep Pounding.

H is for Hardy.

The Kraken finished with 15 sacks, and inversely delivered on those 50 sacks(+1) in the process.

E is for Entertaining.

The Panthers gave me the best sports related entertainment that I've had in years. How about you?

R is for Ron "Riverboat" Rivera

Not only did our coach take chances, but he was successful at it, and earned a new contract in the process.

S is for Special Season.

This was truly a season to remember, and it could become one that the history books will never forget.

Tuesday Afternoon Prediction

I'm not going to lie. I admittedly was set on picking the 49ers to beat our beloved Panthers, but I've convinced myself that our team will be extra motivated to prove the pundits(49ers players included) wrong once again.

Final Score: Panthers 23 49ers 20

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