An off-season we can daydream about

It's no secret that Greg Hardy is on his contract year, and quite possibly on the verge of testing free-agency. But we shouldn't have to worry about Hardy until next year because he won't mind being franchise tagged. Well lets dive into what i'm sure everyone will love.

Players on free agency:

Well players on their last seasons are as followed: Domenik Hixon, Brandon Laffel, Jordan Gross, Quintin Mikell, Travelle Wharton, Ted Ginn, Capt Munnerlyn, Drayton Florence, Ben Hartsock, Derek Anderson, Colin Cole, Jordan Senn, Mike Mitchell, Jason Williams, Dan Conner, Chris Scott, Richie Brockel, Travis Bond, Jimmy Clausen, Garry Williams, Greg Hardy, Bruce Campbell, Byron Bell, and James Dockery (i may have missed 1). So we do have alot of notable free agents this year.

Players to let walk and retire.

Hixon, Gross, Florence, Cole, Chris Scott, Clausen,(already cut) Bell(probably will be resigned), Laffel, and Dockery

Those players should be let walk or retire because i believe we can pick up better players for cheaper than resign them.

Notables to let walk: Gross, Laffel, and Bell.
I'd be very surprised if G-man let Bell walk, seeing as he says that he likes Hogmollies, and believes blockers are taught to rise through out the reigns, then be drafted. Laffel would free up space to sign a free agent receiver, and Gross won't hurt us as long as we get a temperary Tackle in free agency as well.

Breakin it down:

We should indefinitely Franchise tag hardy this off season to let us deal with the cap for a while, and resign him, and Cam next off-season.

Free agent signings: Hakeem Nicks, Eugene Monroe

I think Nicks would love to be a panther (more so than a giant at least) Him and Cam are both play makers that love the game of football, and would fit together perfectly. Monroe is a decent Tackle, and could be plugged in for a year or two, to help the o-line while gross is on retirement.

Draft Picks

Round 1- Jordan Matthews WR

Round 2- Juwaun James OT

Round 3- Aaron Colvin CB

Round 4- Jeoffrey Pagan DT

Round 5- BPA DE

Round 6- BPA TE

Round 7- BPA WR

Those Draft picks should fill in nicely.

Cam Get Nicks in FA, then gets a 6"3 Athletic target, while the o-line is bulstered, and the secondary is helped.
Pagan replaces Cole, and the BPA's should be for Gem's.

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