Remocking the CSR 1 2013 FFL Draft

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If Mel Kiper can re-draft the 2013 NFL draft certainly I can do the same for the CSR1 fantasy football draft.

So what am I trying to prove? Just that I'm terrible at drafting in fantasy football I guess, because the results are brutal. I could have drafted the most awesome team if...well maybe I can learn something from this. Hindsight is certainly 20/20 in this case.

In this draft I actually drew the #1 pick overall so I was drafting at the #1 and #12 positions. Here's who I could have drafted based on how the draft fell out versus who I actually picked.

#1-1 Overall - Jamaal Charles (#1 RB) vs. actual pick RB Adrian Peterson - Peterson was the one coming off the big year was Charles was banged up.

2-12 QB Peyton Manning (#1 QB) vs. RB Stevan Ridley - Who would have guessed Legarrette Blount would take Ridley's job?

3-1 WR Demaryius Thomas (I did make this pick) (#2 WR)

4-12 TE Vernon Davis (#2 TE) - vs. RB David Wilson - A complete swing and miss on a RB who began the season with critical fumbles and it never got any better.

5-1 RB Ryan Matthews (#12 RB) - vs. QB RG3

6-12 WR DeSean Jackson (#10 WR) - I did make this pick

7-1 QB Andy Dalton (#3 QB) - vs. QB Tony Romo - Romo didn't have a bad season coming in at #8 but I could have done better for my #1 QB

8-12 WR Alshon Jeffery (#8 WR) - vs. Denver D - We knew Jeffery was due to break out sooner or later

9-1 WR Josh Gordon (#1 WR) - vs. TE Jared Cook - I thought I could go cheap at TE and instead missed on the #1 WR. We should have know Chud would make Gordon into a star.

10-12 K Steve Gostkowski (#1 K) - vs. WR Kembrell Thompkins - While Thompkins has a bright fantasy future in New England he didn't break out like Keenan Allen.

11-1 DEF Carolina (#2 Def) - vs. RB Pierre Thomas - I still can't believe Knwoshon Moreno was still on the board when I made this pick.

12-12 TE Julius Thomas (#3 TE) - vs. K Blair Walsh - Thomas should not have been a surprise given how much Peyton targated him in the preseason.

13-1 RB Knowshon Moreno (#5 RB) vs. NE Def - Moreno's injury history scared everyone away but he still should have been picked sooner.

14-12 WR Keenan Allen (#17 WR) vs. TE Brandon Myers - I loved Allen in the draft but still could have never predicted this kind of rookie break out.

15-1 DEF Kansas City (#3 DEF) vs. WR Darius Heyward Bey - Nobody saw the KC defense improving like it did.

What's ever funnier about my draft is the fact Yahoo Sports! gave me an A- grade after the draft. Hence this game drives my batty every year. I should just quit year is my year!

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