Waiting on a Corner

This is my first post here, so I decided to do a sim of the draft on (Good site BTW.) Not sure how likely it is, but it looks pretty good if it could happen. Took alot of BPA here but also improved the full team-

Round 1 Pick 28: Marqise Lee, WR, Southern California

obviously, this guy was a Heisman candidate last year, if he falls this far, this pick is as easy as Star last year was.

Round 2 Pick 28: David Yankey, OG, Stanford

one of the top guards in the nation, great depth in case we have problems with injury or somebody doesnt pan out. this is pure value pick

Round 3 Pick 28: Dion Bailey, FS, Dion Bailey, FS, Southern California

another value pick, consistency is a problem, but we already have guys to be decent. this guy has the skills to be elite. another value over need pick

Round 4 Pick 28: Brandon Coleman, WR, Rutgers

Huge 6-6 target for Cam. That would give us a red zone threat other than Olson that we need so bad. Coleman won't kill anybody with his speed but that's what Ginn is for and we have our do everything receivers in Steve and lee now. just like last year, a weakness on our team is now a strength.

Round 5 Pick 28: Ross Cockrell, CB, Duke

Best corner available, nothing special about this pick except some more depth at CB if nothing else.

Round 6 Pick 28: Jordan Tripp, OLB, Montana

Small school guy late round pick, hey you never know, and it gives depth beyond Davis, Kuechly and Blackburn

Overall- I ignored CB until late in the draft because I really don't think its a pressing need. We had one of the best defenses without any so why would that change. What held us back was the lack of targets for Cam, and that's the main goal we need to do in the draft. New guy at guard lets us get more flexible and protect us from having to rely on a guy from a DII school that has yet to play a snap. A shiny new Safety should help the back end a little in case the corners screw up. After that its just depth, like the AJ Klein pick last year hopefully they will turn out like that one.

I fully expect to lose hardy this year, and that will certainly hurt, but I think we can get some guys in FA to rotate enough that there's no reason to stretch for a terrible DE this year. That's why it is ignored here even though it would be a huge need. and finally the Jordan Gross situation, lets just hope he comes back. I think he will (Fingers Crossed)

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