Mocking the Panther's Draft History

It had always been in the back of my mind how great of a pipeline the University of Utah had been for the Panthers and then there is that stigma about USC receivers. So I decided to review our draft history and create a mock draft based on the conclusions I drew from it. I also looked for any sort of patterns or stigma I could come up with. I was quite superstitious with my reasoning for the players I selected. Here are some of my findings:

THE GOOD (round drafted)

Utah - Steve Smith(3), Jordan Gross(1), Star Lotulelei(1), R.J. Stanford(7) *R.J. is the exception, but he was taken in the 7th round)

Nebraska - Mike Minter(2), Mike Rucker(2), Jason Peter(1) *Peter was plagued by a neck stinger and never really had a chance to show how good he was

Georgia - Will Witherspoon(3), Thomas Davis(1), Charles Johnson(3), Chris Terry(1), Corey Irvin(3) *There have been a couple of busts, but I think its out weighed by the good


Notre Dame - Kinnon Tatum(3), Jimmy Clausen(2)

Stanford - Randy Fasani(5), Colin Branch(4), Casey Moore(7), Sione Fua(3)

Florida State - Chris Weinke(4), Everette Brown(2)

*Note: Ryan Kalil kept USC off this list

DOUBLE DIPPING (multiple players from same University or at the same position were taken in the same draft)

University(number of players taken if more than 2) [9 or 19 drafts] - 1995, 1996, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006(3), 2007, 2008, 2011

Position(number of times it happened in draft) [14 of 19 drafts]- 1995(3x), 1996(3x), 1997, 1998(2x), 1999, 2000, 2002(2x), 2004, 2005, 2007(2x), 2008, 2010(3x), 2011, 2013


USC WR = Bust

Panthers seem to draft a PR ever year *since this isn't a position it was hard to tell how far back this goes, but its been going on for a while

Drafted 7/8 TEs in rounds 5-7 *other time was in the 3rd round

Drafted a DB, OL, or DL from a FCS University in 15 of 19 drafts

Every time the Panthers have selected at DL in the first round they took an OT with their first pick the following year *happened twice

The Mock

1 - OT - Antonio Richardson Tenn
Whewww, it really looked like another USC Trojan receiver was going to drop right to us. The Panthers gotta grab an OT with their first pick, I think its part of our organizational constitution and bylaws. If the last two times and Star are any indicated this pick should be a good one. The first time we doubled up on busts, but the last time we got a couple of Pro Bowlers.

2 - WR - Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt
The Panthers have drafted WRs in the 2nd round more than any other position and will be looking to do it again with this years deep WR class. We hit it it big the first time around drafting Mushin Muhammad then the USC Trojans started bringing all kinds of bad juju to the pick. Then there was the curious case of Brandon LaFell, but I'll leave that discussion for another thread. So if Spartans are very good at everything, Trojans sucks at everything and Tigers only excel at tenaciously stopping their prey in its tracks, then what does a Commodore have to offer?

3 - CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste Nebraska
This is where we fulfill the Panther's biggest need and that is getting a Cornhusker on the defense. Cornhuskers have always played major roles on our defense, just ask Mike Minter and Mike Rucker (IMO Jason Peter would have also been on this list if not for his neck injury).

4 - OT Billy Turner North Dakota State
Drafting a DB, OL, or DL from a now FBS school is somthing we've done 15 times in our 19 draft. 6 of those were in the first three rounds to boot. And right now OTs are trending

Round 5 - TE Arthur Lynch Georgia
Georgia must counterbalance the cosmic shift that a new Star created on the squad. I have faith the stars will align and Lynch will fall to us in the 5th in order to bring balance back to the Panther Universe. I know that Georgia has only provided us with good defensive players in the past, but the same could have been said with Utah and offensive players until last year.

Round 6 - RB/PR/WR De'Anthony Thomas Oregon
If I've learned anything from Walter Camp it's that Cam will benefit from a potent, pass catching weapon out of the backfield. Not to mention does anyone remember the last time the Panthers didn't take a PR in the draft? Because I can't. Not saying I agree with Walter, but I the 6th round I'd experiment with this guy at WR and PR while keeping him stashed at RB.

Round 7 - S Kenny Ladler Vanderbilt
The Panthers have drafted two players from the same school in the same draft 9 out of 19 drafts. Hell we drafted 3 Hoakies in 2006. I dunno if our scouting department is understaffed or just spending too much time at FCS schools.

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