To Understand David Gettleman is to Understand the Giants

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This is an ongoing project I decided to do, this is part 2a of 3 total posts. The first which was about defense (You can check that out here), these next two focus on the front office with the first being about the Giants free agency history and the second half discussion who stays and who goes based off of this article. The final one is going to be about Shula and the offense ( I know you can't wait!).

The New York Giants are a team we've faced quite often for not being in our division since 2008. We seemed to be tied to them for one reason or another (Fox, Gettleman and Beason) so why not take a look at their FA history and see if maybe some of the answers this off season aren't all ready on the wall? We'll start in 2005, the reason being it was the year they went out and actually signed a big name free agent in Plaxico Burress (note: the year before they did sign Warner, but I doubt we'll be looking into FA for a starting QB just a hunch though). So in this post I'll go through the players they let walk they resigned and they franchised from 05' until 2012.

2005- Free Agent's signed

  • LB Antonio Pierce 6yrs $19.25 million 6.5 mil bonus
  • WR Plaxico Burress 6yrs $16.75 million 8.25 mil bonus
  • PK Jay Feely 3yrs $1.65 million 760k bonus
  • OT Kareem McKenzie 7yrs $20.5 million 12.5 mil bonus

On top of these four there was two depth players signed for less than a million each.

Players Lost- Kurt Warner, Ron Dayne , Martellus Rivers, Ed Ellis, Lance Legree, Chuck Wiley, Regan Upshaw, Wes Mallard and Steve Christie. Of the 12 unrestricted Fa's only 3 were resigned.

2006-FA's Signed

  • CB R.W. McQuarters 3yrs $4.97 million 2 mil bonus
  • FS Quentin Harris 2yrs $1.18 million
  • CB Jason Bell 2yrs $1.18 million
  • FS Will Demps 5yrs $8.67 million 3mil bonus
  • C Grey Ruegamer 1 yr $710k 40k bonus
  • (Note: They also signed Sam Madison LaVar Arrington Brandon Short, Junior Ioane and Boo Williams after they were cut from their respective teams. The biggest deal was Arrington's 7 yrs $24.8 Mil with a 5.25 mil bonus. Madison was signed to a 4 yr 5.28 mil and 2 mil bonus.)

Players Lost- Kendrick Clancy, Kendrick Allen, Nick Greisen, Kevin Lewis, Jay Foreman, Roman Phifer, Will Allen, Terrell Buckley and Shaun Williams. Of the 15 total unrestricted FA's only 5 were resigned.

2007-FA's Signed

  • LB Kawika Mitchell 1yr $750k $250k signing bonus
  • S/CB Machael Stone 1yr $595k
  • QB Anthony Wright 2yrs $1.45 mil

Players Lost- Luke Petitgout, LaVar Arrington, Carlos Emmons, Visanthe Shiancoa. Steve Edwards. Lewis Kelly, Brandon Short, Frank Walker, Jay Feeley and Darius Watts. Of the 10 UFA's only 4 were resigned.

2008- FA's Signed

  • SS Sammy Knight 3yrs $5.15mil $1.25mil bonus
  • LB Danny Clark 2yrs $4million
  • DE/DT Renaldo Wynn 1yr $830k

Players Lost- Adrian Awasom, William Joseph, Russell Davis, Kaiwka Mitchell, Reggie Torbor. Gibril Wilson, Ryan Kuehl. Of the 10 UFA's only 3 were resigned.(Note it was also this season Plaxico was suspended indefinitely and released 10 games into the year.)

2009 FA's Signed

  • LB Michael Boley 5yrs $25mil
  • DT Rocky Bernard 4yrs $16mil
  • DT/DE Christ Canty 6yrs $42mil
  • S C.C. Brown 1yr $1.6
  • OG/OC Tutan Reyes 1yr $745k
  • Interesting here is that this is the first time in 4 seasons that the Giants actually broke out the check book to sign free agents;

Players Lost- Anthony Wright, Derrick Ward, Armani Toomer, Grey Ruegamer, Renaldo Wynn, Jerome McDougle, Rich Scanlon, R.W. McQuarters, James Butler and John Carney. Of the 12 UFA's only 2 were resigned.

2010-FA's Signed

Player's lost- David Carr, Fred Robbins and Danny Clark. Of the 4 UFA's only 1 was resigned

2011-FA's Signed

  • C David Baas 5yrs $27.5mil
  • P Steve Weatherford 1yr $700k
  • TE Ben Patrick 1yr undisclosed amount
  • DT Gabe Watson 1yr undisclosed amount
  • CB Brian Williams 1yr $810k
  • WR Brandon Stokely 1yr $910k

Players Lost- Jim Sorgi, Steve Smith. Derek Hagan, Kevin Boss, Barry Cofield, Keith Bulluck, Gerris Wilkinson and Michael Johnson. Of the 18 UFA's 10 were resigned.

2012-FA's Signed

  • TE Martellus Bennett 1yr $2.25mil
  • S Stevie Brown 1yr $540k
  • OT/OG Sean Locklear 1yr $825k
  • CB Antwaun Molden 1yr $500k
  • DT Shaun Rogers 1yr $925k
  • DT Marcus Thomas 1yr $700k

Players Lost- Mario Manningham, Devin Thomas, Michael Clayton, Kareem McKenzie, Tony Ugoh, Stacy Andrews, Dave Tollefson, Jimmy Kennedy, Jonathan Goff, Aaron Ross, Will Blackmon, Deon Grant, Derrick Martin. Of the 21 UFA's only 8 were resigned.

All right wow. These numbers are pretty interesting of the 90 UFA's in 7 seasons only 34 were resigned which I believe is in the neighborhood of %30. From what I could find I didn't see them use the Franchise Tag once in those 7 seasons but they didn't have a player of Greg Hardy's caliber on that list. As far as FA we were never really big on spending there anyway so even when we do get out of this mess I wouldn't expect too many big name signings.

So with that said potentially only 7 of the 21 players will probably be resigned because well that's the Giants way. What 7 guys do you wanna see return? Leave your comments down below.

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