CSR Mock Offseason 2014


So as promised, here’s my initial Fanpost trying to drum up interest for the 2nd Annual CSR Mock Offseason......thing. This is a long post at the moment – it’ll be split into three threads soon though (just want to give you guys a heads up of the entire process before you sign on!).

We ran this last year and many found it a very good way to get to know the 2013 NFL Draft prospects, as well as being a lot of fun.

What I need at the moment is 32 people to sign up, each willing to take control of a team.*

*I’m going to have to be pretty harsh about this – I’d like to run this process on a first come, first serve basis, but I also really don’t want people getting bored and dropping out! I’ll have to deal with this on a case by case basis (perhaps a community vote? – I’ll try to be fair after all).

We will run a system very similar to last year. My theory is that we have a set Salary Cap and can only make player transactions – no coaching staff ones.

I plan to have four threads:

  • This initial thread (which I’ll edit) with all of the teams/GMs. Hopefully 32 people will confirm their interest here – also could everyone please provide a working email address so I can post it next to the GM’s name (this is for trades).
  • A Transaction thread where people identify which players they are putting tags on (all will be explained!)
  • A Free Agency thread where people place their bids and the league Commissioner confirms who has won (highest bid wins!).
  • A Draft thread where people make their selections and announce trades (which are hammered out via the aforementioned emails so as to not clutter the thread). If the trades are ridiculous (again I’ll hold a vote) then they’ll be vetoed (e.g. Clausen for the #1 pick).

What we need to agree to is a set of dates - when Free Agency starts, when it ends and when the Draft starts.

If we get enough people signed up quickly I think it makes sense to start Free Agency on February 1st and end it on February 28th - although this can be shortened if required.

For ease of administration I think it makes sense for each team to have $25 to sign Free Agents. Otherwise it becomes an administrative nightmare.

I plan to use Walter Football to determine which Free Agents enter the pool (the top five from each team).

Franchise tagged players must be tagged BEFORE Free Agency begins and count towards the salary cap (I will work out some sensible numbers for each position with the community after everyone has signed up).

For the Draft we need to set a sensible time limit between selections so it flows, otherwise it gets bogged down. Either we all agree to do it on the same day/weekend, or we have say 12 hours between picks. A two trade maximum per team (down from three last year - I will add an extra trade on draft day if that's the consensus) sounds sensible.

Once the Free Agency and Draft is over you can post your depth chart. Each team must be cut down to 53 at this point.

If this isn't clear please let me know and I'll edit it. I'll be picking the Oakland Raiders.

Post away! Also please could you rec this so it stays near the top.

Currently claimed:

NFC North:

NFC West:

NFC East:

NFC South:

AFC North:

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