Divisional Round Pickem. Who Ya Got?

So we have 1 day before playoffs start back up, with 4 incredibly exciting matchups including our own (even though anyone on this site and is a panthers fan knows about this game [actually, what if there was a panthers fan out there that didn't know we were in the playoffs?]), and i hereby CHALLENGE those at CSR to post their predictions for these games, with a final score and 1 or 2 sentences stating why they made that prediction.

I'll go ahead and start:

New Orleans 17 Seattle 14

IM CALLING AN UPSET BOYS. But really, when was the last time you saw a Saints team with a top 10 offense AND defense? Not only is Drew Brees being Drew Brees, but their defensive line has been a force to be reckoned with. Among teams left in the playoffs, the Seahawks have given up more sacks than any of the remaining teams (we're a close second), and I believe Russell Wilson will have a bad game. Yeah i know the Saints are bad on the road and blah blah, but they remember what happened last time they met in the playoffs (beast mode) and will come in with a chip on their shoulder, and we all know how good Brees is with a chip on his shoulder.

Indianapolis 26 New England 21

Yet another upset. Tom Brady and Andrew Luck this season have been identical statistically in regards to QB rating and efficiency. What the colts have this year though is that awesome running attack. Donald Brown is averaging 5.4 yards per carry since he took the starting job from Trent Richardson, and if he can get going then that will set things up for Andrew Luck to do some awesome things in the air, which will offset his 2 or 3 obligatory interceptions. Yeah it's Tom Brady and all, but this Patriots team stinks, especially on defense. I think Tom will try to keep things close, and he's obviously miles ahead of Luck, but this Colts team is too good to lose to this hobbling Pats team.


Carolina 30 San Fran 28

Don't really need justification here. I think the Niners jump out to a 21-0 lead at about midway through the second quarter (assuming they score TD's on their first 3 possessions). The defense starts off sluggish coming off the bye, and Byron Bell can't decide what he wants for dinner, all the while making sure Cam doesn't get a pass off in time. But our defense steps up and picks off Kaep a couple times, we get back in the game, and Gano kicks the game winning field goal. Or Hardy gets a game-winning safety. Either or will justify my score.

Denver 8001 San Diego 8000

It will really be like 42-41 or something, but you get the idea. I think Peyton struggles initially against the Chargers, but once they get Moreno going there's no stopping that offense. Against San Diego last time Moreno only rushed for 19 yards, making the Broncos a one-dimensional team. It'll pick up at the right time and Peyton will chuck a game-winner to Julius Thomas to win the game.

Alright I'm done, it's your turn now. Who ya got?

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