Jared Abbrederis 2014 NFL Draft WR Prospect and an early Panthers mock draft

So this Saturday evening I sat down with my wife to watch some college football; I flipped on the Ohio State game and I was pleasantly surprised by a Wisconsin Wide Receiver by the name of Jared Abbrederis. I was intrigued by the athletic catching ability of this guy and the pure physical pose he had versus a strong Buckeye D. The thing that I was most impressed with was not Abbrederis' speed or catching ability (which were incredible within their own right) however I was extremely impressed with how Abbrederis matched up against OSU's DB Roby. Roby is seen as one of the better CB prospects in all of college football and yet Abbrederis man-handled him on a sluggo route and took it to the house.

At 6'1" and posting a 4.52 40-time Abbrederis is not a speedster nor is he a size-mismatch; however he is a excellent pass-catcher, route-runner, and he has a football IQ for complex option routes out of the slot. I think our beloved Panthers should jump on this under-the-radar WR prospect next April May in the later rounds of the draft.

Here would be my hopeful picks (I anticipate Mr. G picking up at least one quality O-lineman in 2014 free agency):

1st Round- Sammy Watkins, JR. WR, Clemson (Best WR prospect in the class)

2nd Round-Antone Exum, r-SR. CB, Virginia Tech (Extreme talent and will come at a discount because of injury, think Frank Alexander 2012)

3rd Round- CJ Barnett, SR. SS, Ohio State (We really need secondary help! This is why we must get Cam Offensive help at a discount)

4th Round- Morgan Moses, SR. OT, Virginia (Very clean, under-rated prospect, will be an anchor for years to come)

5th Round-Jared Abbrederis, SR. WR, Wisconsin (Read above, steal of the draft in my opinion)

6th Round-Michael Dyer, r-JR. HB, Louisville (Put Cam back with his Auburn HB, we missed on a steal in Tyrann Mathieu this year because of "character issues" we can't miss on another valuable commodity like him again for the same reason if we ever want a winning season again.)

7th Round-JC Copeland, SR. FB, LSU (Our running game has not been the same since we lost Hoover, we have to get a hard-nosed blocker and receiver out the backfield to help out our offense and o-line. This would be a monumental pick-up.)

There is my early 2014 mock draft and mark my words my fellow Panthers fans remember the name Abbrederis; he is the type of steal we need to take the next step. Tell me what you think!

Keep Pounding!!!


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