CSR Fantasy Football Week 3 Smack Talk Thread

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I won in both of my CSR fantasy football leagues this week so I'm here to talk a little smack about it because that is how I roll!

In the CSR1 league, comprised of CSR staff members and CSR VIPs/FFL champs, Jaxon's CSR1 Hog Mollies (2-1) put the hurtin' on CSR legend James Dator and his team Man vs. Fua'd. I'll let the Yahoo Sports game recap lay out the details:

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football
Summary: Hog Mollies benefited from 26.40 points from Tony Romo and 15.50 from Adrian Peterson to get the win over Man vs. Fua'd 92.10 - 74.70. While each team fell short of expectations, Hog Mollies scored 89.1% of a projected 103.41 points to get the win. Calvin Johnson led Man vs. Fua'd with 17.50 points while Justin Tucker brought in 14.00. Man vs. Fua'd (1-2, 272.26 points) drops to 11th place and Hog Mollies (2-1, 320.84 points) remains in fifth place.

Will Man vs. Fua'd be able to recover from such a beating? Many owners might crawl into a Eli Manning-esque fetal position after a loss like that. Dator, the eternal optimist he is, will surely rise from the ashes. But wait, first...I have a little salt I must rub in...

Smooth Moves by Hog Mollies:

The 26.40 points scored by Tony Romo ranked sixth in the league in scoring this week and fifth for any player on Hog Mollies this season. Adrian Peterson had 15.50 points, the ninth-highest score among RBs in the league this week. By scoring 12.00 points, the New England Patriots Defense beat their 9.02 projected points by 33.0%. With only 3 of their 9 starters beating their projected points, Hog Mollies was still able to win.

Hog Mollies won even though all three of their RBs scored below their projected points.

I barely needed to get the big dogs off the porch. Here's what I'm thinking at this point. Remember the movie 'The Green Mile' and the scene where Big John (or whatever his name was) sucks the cancer out of the dude's wife's body? I think Dator sucked all of the cancer offense out of Mike Shula and then blew it out on his fantasy team. It's just a theory though...unconfirmed.

Missed Opportunities by Man vs. Fua'd:

Did not start Ben Roethlisberger, who led the team in scoring with 20.94 points.

Picked up and started Da'Rel Scott, who then scored below his 4.49-point projection with 2.20 points.

At the QB position, Man vs. Fua'd got outscored 26.40 - 4.00 by Hog Mollies.

At the DEF position, Man vs. Fua'd got outscored 12.00 - 2.00 by Hog Mollies.

In the midst of a season-low in scoring, Colin Kaepernick also did not meet his projected points (4.00 points scored versus 23.01 projected) for the second time this season.

It was just ugly all around. Almost done...

What If: Hog Mollies would be 3-0 if they played Man vs. Fua'd every week.

That is one useless but also satisfying statistic right there.

Moving on the CSR 13 as much as I hate too where things are quite as rosy overall for my CSR13 Hog Mollies. We did hold on to win but it was narrow to say the least. This one gave me a hint of Rivera must have felt like Sunday when one finally went his way.

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football

Summary: Hog Mollies edged Montucky Marauders 89.48 - 87.60 behind Drew Brees, whose 37.78 points were the highest score of the week. This could have gone either way, with the 1.88-point margin of victory being the third-smallest recorded in the league this season. Montucky Marauders was led by Tom Brady with 19.50 points and Wes Welker who scored 14.40. With Josh Brown delivering zero points for Hog Mollies, the margin could have been bigger. Hog Mollies (1-2, 299.94 points) climbs into ninth place and Montucky Marauders (1-2, 274.72 points) drops to 11th place.

The only time you will hear me say 'Thank you Drew Brees!' Oh and notice my jinx on Giants K Josh Brown worked! Zero points and shanked FG! I don't know who the Marauder's owner is or where the hell Montucky is but let's just say they are not feeling like 'Lucky Montucky' this week ;)

Yes fantasy football was fun this week and as long as I keep winning I'll be talking some smack. And probably when I'm not winning too.

If you got some fantasy football smack talk to issue then feel free in this comment thread!

This is Now an Open Smack Talk Thread!

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