5 questions with Big Blue View

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I sat down with Ed Valentine of Giants' blog Big Blue View to get his feelings on this weekend's game.

1. As an outsider looking in it seems like this is the same Giants' team without a running back. Is this an apt description of the slow start?

Big Blue View: Not really. I broke down the runs vs. Denver on Sunday and what I saw were blocking breakdowns on nearly every play. You can't run when guys are already 3 yards deep in the backfield as the ball is being handed off. I think David Wilson is eventually going to figure it out and be very good, but he needs to get it figured out fast. I don't think Brandon Jacobs is going to give them a whole lot, and Da'Rel Scott is a complementary third back. They do miss Andre Brown as an inside runner. He is on short-term IR witha fractured leg.

2. It seems Eli Manning is forcing his passes this year, which has resulted in his 7 interceptions. Why do you think this is?

BBV: Well, some of the throws are forced, a couple have been bad breaks and a couple were 'we're down by 20+ points I'm just going to chuck this up there' type throws.
Fact is, the lack of a running game is killing the Giants' offense. They base a lot of their passing game off play-action, and right now there is no reason to respect any sort of play-action. Plus, when you are down by a lot late in a game you take risks.
Manning has made a couple of bad decisions, but the issues with the Giants' offense are less about Eli and more about running the ball. A 2.2 yards per carry average is not going to cut it.

3. A lot is being made of Tom Coughlin's future. Do you really think he could be fired this year?

BBV: Where did you get that idea? Anybody writing that or thinking that has no clue. Coughlin has two Super Bowl rings, could well end up in the Hall of Fame and will coach the Giants pretty much as long as he wants to. He is not getting fired.

If the Giants do not make the playoffs, though, all bets are off when it comes to the coaching staff. The same is likely true for a lot of the big-name veterans on the roster. Another playoff-less season could bring a lot of changes. Coughlin, though, will only be part of those changes if he decides that it's time for him to move on. At 67, that's always possible.

4. Which one player on the Carolina Panthers would you put on the Giants?

BBV: That's easy -- Luke Kuechly. An impact linebacker? That's a foreign concept to the Giants. They haven't drafted one since Jesse Armstead in the late '90s and they could desperately use one. Especially a young one.

5. With just two wins between the four teams the NFC East is still wide open. Can the Giants bounce back?

BBV: Sure they can. The reality is they are one game behind, there are no undefeated teams in the division. I don't think there are any great ones, either. The Giants have problems -- lack of a running game, lack of pass rush, too many turnovers. I think there is enough talent to get things going in the right direction, but they really have to win on Sunday.

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