CSR 2 NSFRonRivera

Alright, we got the Rivera Joke out of the way, so now if all you dickbags could get out of my way so I could actually win a game, that would be fucking fantastic.

Seriously, I feel like a second term president. Shit is going wrong all around me, and I don't have a second to just step back and make repairs to try to move forward towards victory. I'm going to lose to Oldy. I already fucking know it. I'm so depressed I can barely get an erection when thinking about choking the life out of Ron Rivera for pussying out on 4th and 1 AGAIN!!! Who am I if I can't even pop a rage boner on command?

My life is shit.


The Crazy 88's owe lunch to Release the Kraken after Arron Rodgers put on a 42 point clinic. 105.30 - 100.74

Keuchly is Beastly saw no interference with passing over Goodell Can't Lose 106.14 - 97.16

Thor's Hammer crushed Wile E's Coyotes like an ACME anvil of the gods 82.36 80.52

Queen City Katz shit in the bed of the Team named after that running backs coach 117.50 - 94.88

Gross Miscalculation Gave the old Double Stick Corndog to Sippin' Ginn N Juice 124.88 - 72.98

Finally, Monster Energy could give some lessons to Monsterz Inc. after dominating Joe Buck Yourself 125.12 - 74.30

Ok Limey, who sucked the most this week?

Pathetic Effort Week 2

Well this week sucked. For pretty much everybody. Even me.

But only one can suck the most. This week it was Sippin’ Ginn and Juice with a truly pathetic 72.98…. bhahahahaha – to put this shit score in perspective my bench scored 88.76 – hmmmm…. Maybe I should have played them…. FUCK YOU DREW BREES AND YOU ENTIRE CITY OF WASHINGBALLS. Anyway… when Gano is your third highest scorer then I think it might be time to trade for most of Limey’s Bench.

Oh Colin…. The irony…. Alex Smith scores 26.62, Colin Crapernick 5.78. HO HO HO, man that is funny.

Hey everyone, remember when one of your team scored negative points? Me neither…. What’s that Stroking the Kitty? Kendall Hunter scored -0.70? MINUS??? Phahahaha.

Just to rub salt into the wounds you were also beaten by the biggest margin this week and are one of only 4 teams to be 0-2. All in all… you are undoubtedly deserving of this week’s pathetic effort. Congrats.

Thanks Vag-sweat.

Well, now that we got all that out, time to try to rub one out in the employee bathroom.

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