Down and play breakdown Carolina offense against Buffalo

Tom Szczerbowski

I used to coach youth football and we used to break down our opponents offense into a play chart. The chart would allow us to see what their tendencies are when it comes to down and distance. This allowed us to defend where they are more likely to go. For example, you would think most team run more to the right. This is why you want "hog mollies" road graders on the right side of your line.

I can chart this for our offense as well to find out where we are strong and of course weak. I break down plays by down and distance for each run / pass. Down is self-evident. Distance is broken down into four groups: 0-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10+. The field is also broken down into three areas; left, middle, right. Running plays that cross the line of scrimmage between the tackles in considered the middle, anything outside belongs to its perspective side. Passing is the same way with where the ball was caught. The middle is between the hashes and once again, anything outside belongs to its perspective side.


1st Half chart

While this just helps with tendencies, we used it as a tool to help with changes at half. It helped immensely with respect to studying the game as a whole. In this article, I will study just the Panthers offense play calls broken out into halves. Let’s see what, if any, changes the panthers made at half time.

The obvious things to me from the first half is that on first and ten; five runs, twelve passes with one sack. We must pass a lot on first down from our film of the first game. I might go back and take a look at that to see. Eleven runs, but none to the left. Twelve passes, but none in the middle. Three sacks in the first half with one being on third and two. We called three pass plays and no run plays on the third and less than three yards. The results: 31 yards, 4 yards and a sack. We only ran the ball once on third down the entire half and that resulted in zero gain. They pinned their ears back and rushed hard on third down. Our touchdown over the middle was one of three thrown in that area the first half, the other two incomplete.

Overall, the first half is a mixed bag. I would have to look at last week’s game to see if we had those tendencies from last week, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Now on to the second half.

Now they changed and flipped from the first half with eleven runs and seven passes on first down. Also we double the amount of runs from the first half to twenty-two run plays. Maybe that’s why we moved the ball in the second half. The other change was that now we are running up the middle and left, only four to the right side. Now on third down and short we run. To reaffirm the god-awful pass protection in the second half by having five pass plays on third down with two sacks.

Now the last thing that jumps out at me is a dozy. On first and second down, we had nineteen run plays and ten pass plays. Of those run plays none, I repeat none, lost yards. However, the passing plays, four were incomplete, two were for negative yards, and the last four were for nine yards or more with a touchdown. This to me says that they change everything at half time. They started running to the left and middle with success, which setup the longer passes and a touchdown. They also controlled the ball for four more minutes even with two short fields.

So to sum up the play analysis, even though we didn’t score more points than the other team, and we didn’t use the natural talent of our quarterback or even overcome bad clock management at least we can proved that they did make adjustments at half time. See, there is hope…KEEP POUNDING!!!!

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