Panthers Poised to Turn it Around Now!

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

For those who get upset that we post negative stuff about the Panthers when they lose yet another game they should have won then this is the post for you.

The Panthers are poised to turn it around this week! Right now I tell you. Ignore those first two losses because the Seahawks and Bills are two very good teams that just got lucky. If the Panthers played those two teams again we would win both handily.

14-2 is still very possible and anyone who doesn't believe it is just a Hater. This is a playoff team no doubt and here is why it turns around this week:

1. Look at the teams we have up next on the schedule. The Giants come to BoA first and they are 0-2 and nothing like the SB champs they were two seasons ago. Then its the 1-1 Cardinals who got lucky to beat the Lions and besides, we always beat the Cardinals. Then we visit the 0-2 Vikings where we always play well and they have a crappy QB so that is an easy win. Then its the 1-1 Rams and the 0-2 Bucs. That's 5 straight wins before the Falcons come to BoA and we have their number this year. Once we are 6-2 then the momentum of the win streak will propel us to 14-2.

2. Since the offense blew the first game and the defense the second game they can now put it all together. Add in special teams domination and you are going to see a cohesive team perform is all phases of the game for the rest of the season. They will learn from their mistakes these first two weeks and come out and make the NFL pay. There really are no new ways for the Panthers to lose again, hence we will win instead!

3. The injuries to the secondary will not hurt us since the back-ups are just as good as the starters. Yes, we have a very deep roster believe it or not (if you don't then you are a Hater). Colin Jones has just needed the opportunity to start to show he is ready to be a starter. Mike Mitchell will be ready at SS so no worries there at all.Unicorn_medium

4. The offensive line just had a bad day but played much better week 1 so I'm very confident they turn it around next week. Mario Williams is just a beast and no one can stop him so that's all there was too that. We won;t see him or any DE just as good as him the rest of the season so no worries.

5. Our deep passing game finally got on track and that is bad news for the rest of the NFL. Newton was just shaking off a little rust throwing it deep but he will connect on more of those this week and for the remainder of the season. This offense will average at least 30 points a game for the rest of the season.

So there you go, five very good reasons why the Panthers won't lose another game. I can't wait for this Sunday to see it all unfold.

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