I'm Not Mad At The Panthers. I'm Mad At Myself

I was about to go to bed and get ready for another long week at work, but I can't do it without getting some things off my chest.

I was not mad that the Panthers lose. I'm mad that I keep thinking this team is going to win, week in and week out, and I keep getting let down again and again. That's on me. The fact is I feel like a sucker for:

Believing Rivera is a coach.

I believe him when he said he has learned from his mistakes as a coach. He didn't. I belived him when he said we would be more agressive in his play calling and time managenment. He's not. The fact is I wanted Rivera back because I belived that he would be better. Not only is he not better, he is the same as he was the last two years, which means the Panthers are the same the same from the last two years. The hell with the team liking him him. So what? To like Rivera is to like losing, and we know how to lose.

Believing in Gettleman.

Gettleman has sold us a bill of good. He got the Panthers under the cap. Great. He cut Piggy. Bad timing, but ok, he is good at player personal. Secondary sucks, just look over it. Offensive line suck, no problem, it will work itself out. Well, Gman, the most you have done is give us a stupid hog mollie caught phase and 7 seconds to answer a Cam question. No O-line, no WR, no secondary, no nothing but knowing how to save money. Well, Gettleman, remember, you too are 0-2.

Beliving in the Hype.

Shula sucks, but we got him anyway. He sucked with TB, he suck at Alabama, and he sucks here. Once again, however, I was suckered into believing that with him being familiar with the team, Cam and the running backs, he would make him better. No, nada, nothing.

O-Line coaches were to be the best in the league. Nuf said.

We play teams that are hurt, banged up, no o-line, no d-line, no secondary, no QB, no whatever will make me feel that we would win and we didn't...again.

The fact is, I just can't believe in a team that does a lot of talking and jumping up and down, then goes out there and play like crap, then feeds us the same BS about what they will do and how they will change and what they had learned and promise it won't happen again, yet go and do the same things that lost them the last game and the sick cycle starts all over. After a while, you just can't do it anymore. I will still root you on, just not as loud.

Now I'm going to bed.

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