Ask A Bills Fan

Hello Carolina Panthers Fans!

This week my Buffalo Bills take on your Carolina Panthers. I'm sure we both have plenty of questions/answers for each other since we only play once every four years so here goes!

First things first. We have a new GM, a new HC, a new DC, a new OC, a new QB and a new President! So expect the Bills to have some consistency issues.

I'll start by listing some random notes below:


1) EJ Manuel is a rookie but on paper he's what you're looking for in a QB. He has all the physical tools but we'll see if he has "it"

2) Spiller and Jackson make up our backfield with Tashard Choice as our 3rd RB. We had struggles against the Pats running and you have a good defense so it'll be good to see if they worked those issues out.

Read this post for a better understanding of what I mean

3) Stevie Johnson is pretty much uncoverable but he'll drop some passes or won't get passes thrown his way but he's good.

4) Our other WR's are TJ Graham who's a burner and Robert Woods who's a rookie. Grahama was raw as a rookie and will try to stretch the field where as Woods is thought of as a NFL ready rookie WR that has great route running ability.

5) Our offense line is pretty good, but not great. Weak link is LG.

6) We run a fast offense much like Chip Kelly does but different obviously. We run a lot of the same plays from different formations and personnel. Buffalo will run the same play a few times in a row because the QB can either run, read option, or throw a screen, hitch, out etc... all built into the same play. So you might see Bills defenders run block when we pass because we're running the same play. It allows us to be quick and give the onus to the QB. It's a neat strategy.

Read this to understand what I mean


1) Our defense is "multiple". In that we don't run a 34 or a 43. We run what our personnel or our opponent dictates. Think of the Jets and Baltimore defense. Mike Pettine is our DC but he learned under Rex Ryan in Baltimore then traveled with him to the Jets and is finally getting under Rex's foot.

2) We have a good defense line. Mario, Kyle Williams and Dareus are all really good at football.

3) Our LB's are young with Bradham and Kiko Alonso. Kiko is a rookie but he's looking like he might be a stud on defense. Arthur Moats gets time there too because Bradham is still learning.

4) Our secondary is a mess. Gilmore is out for a few weeks from wrist surgery. Byrd held out because we franchised him and how he has plantar fasciitis and was out last week. Another corner went down last week against the Pats and will be out for a while. We're pretty bare bones there.


Here are my questions:

1) your defense looks solid, what are your weak points? What should we avoid?

2) How's your WR crops minus that one guy who's pretty good.

3) How's your run game?

4) Is Cam looking to you guys like he'll be a guy that will take this team to multiple Super Bowls? Or at least the playoffs consistently?

5) What do you like or dislike about your coaches.

Thanks guys and gals! Let's pass some good info back and forth and keep it amicable.

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