Notes From The Seahawks Game

Panthers @ Seahawks 1st Half

  • Kickoffs have been pretty much been neutralized in the NFL. Either do away with them or find an alternative that works. At this point, they are just slowing down the game.
  • Way too many white people on our punt coverage team
  • 1st drive stalled by a sack. 2nd drive stalled by a Greg Olsen drop (wasn't an easy catch). This was a 20 yard shot down the seam thrown on the money by Cam. Really impressive throw
  • The defense has the chance to be really special. Star/Short need time to progress (although Star looks like Kuechly did last year), Beason/Mikell need to get in to game shape, and the CB position needs to be ironed out
  • Wilson so good at scrambling and finding a receiver. We constantly got pressure, but Wilson bought time and coverage broke down (only weak spot of defense). So when we aren't playing a mobile QB, other teams are in trouble
  • Star has almost single-handedly solved our run defense issues
  • Captain cannot start on this football team. Gettleman needs to find a solution.
  • Touchdown drive was very well called by Shula. Mixed in a screen, draw play, read option, and downfield passes. Cam showed he could go through progressions. Seattle's Db's make catches really hard on the WR. I'm glad this is the best group we face all year. Only gets easier from the downfield passing standpoint.
  • Thomas Davis is back to pre-injury form. Beason doesn't look the same, hopefully he can work his way back.
  • Frank Alexander should not have been ejected. Should have been flagged, but that reaction happens all the time in the NFL. This really hurt our depth at DE.
  • With 35 seconds left before half on the 20 yard line, why not try to get some points? Rivera always plays not to lose instead of to win the game. You have Cam Newton and Steve Smith. Try to make a play
  • Really quick first half bc both teams ran the ball and not many incompletions
2nd Half
  • Wilson kills us again with a scramble on 3rd down. Almost impossible to defend and encouraging to me that this just won't happen against most teams. However, play is negated by a holding call
  • The punt hits Josh Thomas and Seahawks recover. A flukey play that gave Seattle great field position and took a possession away from our offense.
  • After a decent drive, Deangelo stopped on 3rd a 1. Cam Newton has to be our short yardage runner. We are calling less run plays for him but he is too effective not to use in situations like this.
  • The throw Wilson makes to Baldwin on 3rd down where he spins away from pressure seems like he is throwing it away. That was outrageously lucky and I can't bring myself to give Wilson credit for making that play, but I am a little biased - Our DE's did a great job of containing Wilson and not escaping the pocket. Against other teams, they will not have to worry about this as much and will be free to rush straight to the QB
  • Cam runs a draw on 3rd and short to pick up the 1st down. I want to see this every time and Shula goes to what he know will work
  • Thomas getting burned on back to back plays not a good sign. Corners are the only real weakness on this defense.
  • Our drive to score was another well called drive by Shula, just such an untimely fumble.

Outlook I feel so much better about this game after re-watching it. I though Shula called a solid game. We had some untimely errors on 3rd down that stalled a few drives. I want to see more tempo and a few more deep balls, but other than that I was pleased at what I saw. The game just didn't have a lot of possessions and we were going up against a really solid team. The o-line outperformed expectations and Deangelo can still carry the rock. This defense is going to give teams nightmares. Wilson did a phenomenal job handling the pressure; other QB's are going to really struggle against our pass rush. Our run defense is stout. I like our chances this year in the NFC South and I feel we really match up well with our division. Let's hope we get on track with a win against Buffalo and I am feeling much more excited about the season after re-watching the game.

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