Post Fan Fest Position Battles w Analysis

First Team RG - Williams v Byers.

Williams seems to be the guy here. An impressive showing by Byers and a poor performance by Williams might change this though. However, Byron Bell has seemed to improve tremendously and will help out Williams and keep him with the first team.

#2 CB- Munnerlyn v Norman

Munnerlyn has seemed to get these first team reps, while the three other backups-Moore, Thomas, and Norman, have been running against 2nd teamers. Florence is a tremendous improvement over Gamble in my opinion. The guy is here to earn his spot not take it for granted like Gamble did all those years. #2 will go to Munnerlyn if he is on the final roster, if not, expect one of the other three to fill the void. Also worth noting Munnerlyn is not working ST with the T.Ginn acquisition.

Fourth LB - Klein v Blackburn v Senn

It is very likely that on opening day one of our starting front 7 might be out. Which player will fill this spot? Much of this depends on which position it is, most likely where Jon Beason plans to line up. I think Senn is the last of the three to get the shot. I'm impressed with Blackburns presence. Stands out as physical ballhawking LB... All three of these guys will see significant time on special teams. I think if Beason is down, the coaching staff will have a hard decision to make. Week 1, I think Klein isn't NFL ready(mentally) and Blackburn would get the call.

First Team S - Mitchell v Campbell

This might be the closest battle of training camp. Nakamura also has potential to sneak back in the mix. Mike Mitchell is the guy the coaching staff wants to start. Campbell is very impressive though for a late round pick from the draft a few years ago. This battle is too close to call, we'll find out who in the third preseason game.

#3-4 WR Ginn v Hixon v Edwards

This is tough as well. Ginn has shown great skill,speed, and route running. The guy is clearly very good. Edwards seems slower out of his breaks and Hixon is the guy who we brought if neither of these guys panned out. Don't be surprised if Hixon gets cut early. Hixon is currently injured and I think Ginn will be the #3 vs Seattle.

#5-6 WR Pilares v Adams v Gettis
Pilares and Adams might not make this roster. Adams has skill but his inconsitency will not be tolerated in this league. Gettis is regaining form and could be a good 4th reciever with his size and strength. He needs to keep working coming off his acl which he missed all of last season and most of the prior season, i believe. Gettis might make this roster.

PR/KR- Barner v Pilares v Adams v Ginn

These four have seen most of the looks so far in practice. I think KR will be Barner and PR will be Ginn.

#3 DT Short v Fua

This boils down to seeing what you don't know. Everyone knows Fua stinks which is why our first two draft picks were DTs... They're gonna give Short some looks early on, rotating him with Star.

Folks if you weren't at Fan Fest- this D-Line is IMPRESSIVE. We are going to get to the quarterback early and often. The front 7 looks to help out the secondary, Boy is Gettleman good.


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