Spoiler Alert: Panther's season revealed

The major news networks have all made their prognostications and the power rankings have been set. What does this mean for Carolina Panthers fans? Not much, unless disrespect is your cup of tea. This isn’t about the national media, or the rest of the leagues perception of the Panthers, this is an attempt to be as practical as possible. The Panthers record…game by game. If you are wondering how I know this, I reverse engineered the time machine from the movie Paycheck using chicken-wire, an old Beta tape player and 12 D cell batteries (and a super collider bending magnet...don’t tell anyone).

Week 1 Seahawks 12 @ Panthers 27 W

Week 2 Buffalo Bills 9 vs Panthers 34 W

Week 3 NY Giants 13 @ Panthers 17 W

Week 4 Bye-

Panthers go into their early bye (3-0), the media can only talk about when the other shoe will drop. They’ll also say the wins have come despite of Cam Newton. The truth will be a combination of Cam, the run game and a defense that leads the league in turnovers and sacks. (Elec, you can’t be serious) Yes, I’m serious, but its not all sunshine and roses folks.

Week 5 Cardinals 21 vs Panthers 17 L

Week 6 Vikings 24 vs Panthers 21 L

Week 7 Rams 17 @ Panthers 43 W

Week 8 Bucs 13 vs Panthers 17 W

Week 9 Falcons 21 @ Panthers 38 W

The Cardinals host the Panthers in the quintessential “trap” game. The Panthers come off of their bye over confident, leave Arizona with a major injury, then drop a heartbreaker in Minnesota the next week. This 2 week span, serves as a wake up call. The Panthers follow up, by destroying the Rams, squeeking out a win vs the 5-1 bucs and do to the falcons, what every 2013 team will do…expose them. The Panthers end this stretch at (6-2)

Week 10 49ers 10 vs Panthers 21 W

Week 11 Patriots 21 @ Panthers 23 W

Week 12 Dolphins 17 vs Panthers 38 W

Week 13 Bucs 24 @ Panthers 17 L

The Panthers head into the final stretch sitting comfortably atop the NFC. Who’d a thunk it? Only a dreaming panther fan? Hardly. I’ll give reasoning if requested. My prediction (9-3) to this point. Let’s see how the season finishes out.

Week 14 Saints 21 vs Panthers 34 W

Week 15 Jets 16 @ Panthers 21 W

Week 16 Saints 28 vs. Panthers 37 W

Week 17 Falcons 34 vs. Panthers 21 L

Season ends with the Panthers at 12-4. They lose to teams they should beat and destroy teams that the nation didn’t expect. How is this possible? Easy, it’s an educated guess. We don’t know what each team is going to bring each year, but it’s always fun to speculate. Don’t ask me to be realistic, I am. I actually think the Panthers can be better than 12-4. I also think it’s going to be VERY hard for any offense to score more than 17 points against this defense. If that theory holds true, this team could very well be unbeatable.

What do you think?

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