One Fan's notes from Fanfest

Before I begin with my notes I would just like to point out how last year there was only ~2,000 maybe ~3,000 people at Fanfest, and this year, well over 20,000. It was a great show of support for the team by the Panthers community.

1) Two first team players were out today: Silatolu and CJ.

2) In 7 on 7 drills the three starting CBs were Florence (LCB), Munnerlyn (RCB), and Moore (nickle). Florence seems like a solid veteran, he seemed to keep LaFell in check, and wasn't ever burnt by a receiver. I like Munnerlyn, just not as an outside corner. He was abused by Smitty all practice, granted it was Smitty, but Cap didn't even look competitive against him. Moore looked solid at nickle, didn't make any big mistakes.

3) Again, Klein was running a lot of reps with the first team, and looked pretty good. He was very instinctual, and possessed more athleticism than was advertised by draft experts. He should make good insurance for this year, and a quality starter in the future.

4) Gettis had a mixed bag, made some good catches, and had some bad drops. If he's going to make the team he's going to have to show up during the preseason and take advantage of Hixon being out.

5) D. Curry was moved up to second team today and rotated with B. Williams, caught one pass, but it was obvious DA had a much better rapport with B. Williams. Look forward to seeing what action he gets for the rest of training camp and during preseason.

6) B. Williams started the day off kin of slow dropping a ball or two, but once he got going he was dominant as a receiving threat. As of right now he seems to be the clear favorite for the #2 TE position, and I'm very excited to see what he can do come game time.

7) Hartstock didn't see the field all that much. I think with the emergence of B. Williams and Brockel's versatility, Hartstock may not find himself on the 53.

8) Nortman had a good day punting, he can boot the ball.

9) Brenton Bersin was again running with the #2 team a lot, didn't have a spectacular day, but Smitty did mess with him a little-which is either a good thing or a bad thing.

10) Cam had a bit of a mixed day, making some amazing throws, but also getting picked a few times. He seemed in sync with Olsen and Smitty, but a little off with the other receivers-though this may be because he hasn't worked with the other guys as much.

11) Gross seemed to have a better practice today, I only saw Hardy really man handle him once. Byers looked decent at LG, I like him as back up, thought he did quite well as center last year. The right side of our line [Bell (RT) and G. Williams (RG)] seemed to get a good push in the run game today, opening up a great run for Dwill (disclaimer CJ was out today). Also they ran more experiments on first team with Bell at LT and Campbell at RT. I believe they did this for two reasons: 1) to build versatility in these two OTs, and 2) to work on their perspective weaknesses; run blocking for Campbell, and pass blocking for Bell. All in all, the offensive line appeared more stout today.

12) LaFell had some nice catches, looks improved from last year in nearly all aspects of his game: faster, crisper routes, and softer hands.

13) Norman looked very tight in coverage today, and hips are way more fluid than they were last year allowing him to better flip them and stick with his man.

14) Clausen seems like your stereotypical west coast QB, he displayed some great accuracy, but was definitely lacking in the arm strength department.

15) Gano drilled a 63 yd field goal, with moderate winds. I feel much more confident about our kicker situation than I did this time last year.Hopefully that translates into coming out on top in a few more of those tight games.

16) Mitchell and Godfrey again impressed as our Safeties, though I'm reserving my final judgement here until we play ATL again...

17) Lastly, Armanti had a SICK catch, the #3 WR battle is going to be fun to follow throughout the preseason.

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