Show Me Your 53 Contest

Here's my projected 53 man roster plus practice squad, but I want to see yours too. If someone ends up hitting it perfectly, you get bragging rights and I may send you out a prize. If needed we can update after the first wave of cuts when things become clearer.


Quarterback (3):

QB1: Cam
QB2: Clausen
QB3: Anderson

Offensive Backs (5):

RB1: Williams
RB2: Stewart
RB3: Barner (KR2)
FB: Tolbert (KR3)
H-Back: Brockel

Wide Receiver (6)

WR1: Smitty
WR2: LaFell
WR3: Ginn, Jr (KR/PR)
WR: Hixson
WR: Edwards (PR3)
WR: Adams (PR2)

Tight End (3)

B Williams

Offensive Line (8)
LT: Gross
LG: Silatolu
C: Kalil
RG: G. Williams
RT: Bell

T: ???
T: Campbell
G: Kugbila
C/G: Byers

Specialists (3):
K: Gano
P: Nortman
LS: Jansen

Offensive Notes: Armanti seems to be making his case for his spot this season. It seems too early to cut Adams. That may leave Pilares as the odd man out. Barner is the only back-up on the team I consider worth "protecting" from the practice squad, plus I believe he gets some snaps as a returner. Brandon Williams seems to be the guy lined up to get Barnidge's old roster spot. The team will have to come up with another reserve offensive tackle, most likely someone who is on another team's roster right now. We could make a spot for him by dropping Brockel or a LB or DT slot. It wouldn't shock me if Kugblila started the season on PUP, and Hayworth Hicks occupied his roster spot temporarily.


Defensive End (4)

LDE: Johnson
RDE: Hardy
DE: Alexander
DE: Addison

Defensive Tackle (5)

NT1: Star
NT2: Cole
UT1: D. Edwards
UT2: Short
DT: Fua

Line Backer (7):

MLB: Keuchly
WLB: Beason
SLB: Davis
LB: Blackburn
LB: AJ Klein
LB: Senn
LB: Jason Williams

Cornerback (5)

CB1: Florence
CB2: Thomas
CB3: Munnerlyn
CB: Norman
CB/S: DJ Moore

Safety (4):

FS1: Godfrey
SS1: Mitchell
S: Campbell
S: Colin Jones

Defensive Analysis: For some reason, I believe Rivera likes Fua enough to keep him on the roster over Kearse. Plus he got way more playing time last year. If we carry 7 LBs, I would say Williams and Senn have the edge over the roster scrubs we picked up earlier this year. Mitchell is the starter for now, though I'm still holding hope for Mikell. I'm going Colin Jones over Nakamura due to Jones being the better special teamer, with DJ Moore possibly being the #3 FS. We could end up dropping a DT or LB in order to pick up another OT.

Practice Squad:

Dale Moss, Robert Lester, Melvin White, B. Bersin, T. Poole, M Zordich, H. Hicks, ???

-Guys worth keeping to see how they develop. Lester and Zordich could be contributors next year.

Key Cuts:

Kearse, Dockery, Pilares, Gettis, Nakamura, Chandler

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