Carolina Panthers preseason 2013: Is there a way to upgrade the offensive line?

Jamie Squire

I've was thinking about a couple of the hot topics lately on CSR, when suddenly the two merged into a lightbulb moment. Believe me, these are rare for me, so I had to give it some rarified air time.

There are a lot of teams finding themselves in a bind at the WR position. Take a look around ... you'll see the Chargers, Jets, and numerous other teams that need another pass catcher. The Panthers are suddenly, happily surprised to see David Gettis emerge in the pre-season. CSR writers and commenters go into a frenzy about the potential for our team's receiving corps.

At the same time, we have witnessed some god-awful play from the Panthers' offensive line. A versatile and talented veteran would be just the manna to quell the quaking. So, I went sniffing through WR and O-Line depth charts, team-by-team, trying to find the one that gave that goose-bumpety feeling ... didn't quite get there, but I got close.

I give you .... The Kansas City Chiefs!!

From Arrowhead

[Andy Reid press conference] Only one target for Dwayne Bowe, any reason for that?

"No, they rolled their coverage to them, the one we probably could have scored on there, that was an opportunity that we would have liked. But no, it's not by design that he's not getting the ball."

While that's smart football from the quarterback, it does illuminate a glaring need for the Chiefs' offense: a legitimate No. 2 wide receiver.

Baldwin is obviously not getting it done, and though it was reported that Donnie Avery may take over the No. 2 role, he only caught one pass on Friday night.

If defenses don't feel the need to respect the opposite side of the field from Bowe, he'll consistently be bracketed and defenses will always be looking to roll coverage over top of him. That means a smart quarterback like Smith will look for other options, and ultimately, the Chiefs best offensive player not named Jamaal Charles will be neutralized.

Andy Reid and his staff can't let that happen.

Strangely enough, Bowe has been targeted only once in two pre-season games, with zero catches. The Chiefs have a real need for another reliable threat on the other side to open things up.

Another thing the Chiefs have is a stout O-Line, including... a savvy, versatile veteran currently penciled is as backup Right Tackle. He can play inside or outside, and PFF has been drooling over this guy since 2011 -- including him in their top-10 seventh round picks since 2012.

I know, I'm such a tease ... it's Geoff Schwartz, of course. Our ole Schwartzy ... whoa, almost got a goose-bump there. I should mention his current deal with KC is for one year, $630k.

So think about it, Panther-fanatic brethren ... would you make the trade of Gettis (or Lafell) for Geoff Schwartz? I can only speak for myself, and I would make that trade in a skinny minute.

UPDATE: I don't think swapping Jon Baldwin for A.J. Jenkins is the answer for KC.

Y'all come back now, y'hear.

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