Oregon Fan Says No Need to Worry About Barner

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I come to you as crazy Oregon fan, who just wants to keep up with a great player and kid, in Kenjon Barner. Although, I came here just to see how you guys/gals had taken to KB, and his talent, I noticed the worry over his 2 fumbles against the Bears last week.

I just don't want Panther fans to worry and here is why:

First, Kenjon is smart, and rarely makes the same mistake twice, the thing his best friend LaMichael James always use to make fun of him for was being a bit neurotic. He pays attention to small details, be it in football, in his room, or with the ladies, he always wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing. So, I don't think you will have to worry about him 'just letting it go' because, if you think that is his personality, you are gravely mistaken. But he isn't the brooding, dwell on every mistake guy, I think you know what I mean, he has the right personality as a competitor and as a person to handle a rough game.

Second, when a kid lines up to the side, or diagonal to his QB, in the spread-option offense, for 5 years I think it will a bit of a learning curve, no matter how simple, to line up directly behind "Pickles"(i picked this up through the comments and loved it, I feel sorry for you having to deal with Clausen, he always seemed like a bit of a dÜsh) or Cam and take the hand off with the QB running back him. Not condoning his lazy handling of the second fumble, but it was something I noticed could be a teeny issue for him, that would be corrected with proper reps in practice. Also, i did not see the first one, but it was his first play? first handoff? I personally would just give that one to him because, hey, he is a rookie, but still, fumbles can cost games.

But, now to why I think his 12 fumbles are misleading...

Yes, Kenjon had 12 fumbles in his college career, he had 3 his freshman year, 4 his sophomore year (even though one of them was this: ( which knocked him out for 2-3 games and he really wasn't the same until the next season), and 4 his junior year. But, he had only 1 fumble his senior year, when he got his most amount of carries, and was the feature back for the oregon offense.

Fun facts, Kenjon had 295 Carries as spell running back in his 1st 3 years as a Duck, with a total of 295 carries, 1856 Yards, and 20 TDs.

While as a senior, Kenjon became the feature back, with 278 carries, 1767 Yards, and 21 TDs, while only playing about one half to three-fifths of the first 5 or so games of the season due to blowouts.

Next, I saw people breaking down Kenjon's fumble:carry ratio and it often broke down to this:

582 carries/12 fumbles=48.5 carries per fumble. okay that's fair, I can see your concern. But for fun lets see how this works:

Kenjon had 582 carries throughout his oregon career, and amassed 3623 yards and 41 touchdowns. his yards/carry was 6.23, and his touches/TD was 14.2(just go 14). so if you were to go by the numbers i just laid out, this is what kenjon's numbers would look like between fumbles:



He would average, between fumbles, 302 Yards rushing, and 3.4 TD's. Now, not all fumbles are equal and this is a pretty flawed stat overall, but it is still an interesting way to look at the ratio and what is represents.

The funny thing is that I am not even counting all of Kenjon's other various ways of touching the ball within his career at oregon. I previously said his number for CARRIES was 582, but for the first three years of his Duck career, he wasn't quite the Sproles of Oregon, but more...maybe the Dexter McCluster: a special teams guy with the occasional carry and catch*. That said, Kenjon's true touches # is 737. Now if you break down his touches:fumble ratio it is markedly better:

737/12=61.41 touches per fumble.

honestly, as an oregon fan, and fan of football in general i would have to knock that number down to 11 because of that WSU hit, i don't think there are any players who would hold onto the ball after that hit, and being knocked unconscious immediately. so in fairness to that insane hit, I can argue his ratio is more: 737/11=67. Which I can go back and change all of the other numbers with 11 fumbles, but no thanks.**

Also, if you were to take Kenjon's breakout year, when he was 'the guy' within the Oregon offense and had 278 carries plus 20 catches for a total of 2023 Yards and 23 TDs and take the average amount of yards/TDs per fumble that would get 2023 yards and 23 TDs per fumble. haha, obviously that stat is a tad misleading but still, I hope you understand what I was trying to get across, which is that Kenjon Barner is a great running back and the Panthers got a ridiculous, ludicrous, and absolute stunning steal for the 182nd pick in the draft, and he is going to be a great player.

I am really hoping this comes across as not douchey, and not too crazy because I just wanted to show you guys, that if you were to ask duck fans about Kenjons fumbles, rarely would you get an answer other than, "no, not really an issue with KB24" others would just say, "have you seen his guns though, holy crap, for a small dude he sure is bringing the gun show. As LMJ described him in the gym, 'Curls for the Girls' "

I hope all of the math makes sense, because it is late and I started off writing this then I really started slowing down mentally haha.

I'll be sticking around, checking up on stuff, and just generally creepin, but hope Cam can take another step forward, although I cant forgive him for the 2011 NCG, he seems like a genuinely cool dude, and is fun to watch. Good luck panthers fans, Go ducks, WTD! ***

Oh god, i just realized since i just joined i can't post this right away. Okay, so this is going up sometime on wednesday night or thursday, but know i wrote in tuesday night..okay. yeah. GO DUCKS!

*Also it must be noted that Kenjon came into Oregon recruited as a DB, and was a wildcard-type player going into his first year of eligibility(after his redshirt), so his first year playing for oregon he was just a special teams superstar with the ability to be a gimmick offensive weapon. So, although he played RB in high school, if he had focused on being a RB instead of DB for 1-2 years, that could have shown in his loose ball carrying and fumble prone-ness in his spell RB years. The evidence that he only had 1 fumble once he became the true RB for the team, and was no longer relied on as a utility player, he could focus and properly train to be a good running back, which resulted in his great final season.

**Good lord, it 1:07 AM and I am writing a analytical #s fanpost on a Carolina Panthers blog, defending a dude i have never met before. I need to reevaluate my life. Can football season start already?!?

***Really random, but holy crap Clowney is a beast, not that you guys don't know that, but wow he is something special. He seems like a cool dude too, some people can handle the spotlight...Johnny....That said though, are any of you guys/gals, who happen to be SC fans, worried about the autograph issue with clowney? I mean i read the statement talking about the "internal Investigation" but really? coming from an oregon fan and seeing the cluster&%$# that was the first year of Chip's reign, internal investigations are usually just in order to buy time and hope nothing worse comes out. I do think clowney isn't dumb enough to actually do what manziel did, but hey, who knows. I just wanted to ask, because the scale of this whole debacle, with bridgewater/manziel/clowney/miller/etc, this could be a scary situation for CFB fans. Obviously JMoney has taken it to a whole other level, but still just want to gauge the level of worried-ness.

now I'm done.

-Brady Quinn

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