JKizzle's Breakout Player(s) Prediction Thrizzle

I'll keep this as short and sweet as possible, as I have a tendency to ramble.

Defense: Josh Thomas

Though I'm concerned about our CB situation going forward without Chris Gamble I think that Thomas is the best one out of the unproven bunch. That being said, it might not mean much when you consider than Cap'n Munnerlyn is arguably the best CB on the roster. In Thomas' limited time he looked to be a solid player, displaying decently good awareness and coverage skills. He is also a solid tackler. The other nice thing about him is that he is still 24 years young, which gives him time to develop. In my humblest of opinions the #1 CB spot is his to lose.

My Prediction: While he doesn't turn into a Pro-Bowler overnight, he establishes himself as a viable starting CB in the NFL and hints at the possibility of Pro-Bowl level play later in his career.

Offense: Brandon LaFell

Wait, what? After arguing that LaFell is replaceable? After arguing that LaFell is a one-trick pony? After arguing that he is only an average #2 WR, and that there are 12-15 other #2 WRs that I think are better than him? Well, with all that being said, I am sticking to my predicted 2012 Breakout Player and going with LaFell for the second year in a row. Honestly...a lot of it has to do with the fact that many of the players on offense have already had their breakout year. To me, it is really between LaFell, Hixon/Ginn (depending on who you think wins the #3 job), Amini, and possibly Kugbila (if you think he starts this year). When considering those guys I think that LaFell probably has the best chance of breaking out. Maybe he hasn't maxed out yet? Maybe I am wrong when I say that in my opinion his play on the field doesn't back up his lofty advanced statistics? Only time will tell.

My Prediction: While he doesn't show that he can be any more than a #2 WR, he improves for the fourth straight season and becomes a factor in the redzone. 52 receptions, 820 yds 7 TDs (4 in redzone)

Special Teams: Tedd Ginn Jr.

This one is short and simple: He is the best returner we have on the roster at the moment.

My Prediction: He doesn't lose two fumbles against the defending Super Bowl Champions on national TV that helps lead to an embarrassing blowout.

My Super Crazy Bold Over-the-Top Prediction: We actually don't suck during the first half of the season, and we actually get excited due to the wins that we collect rather than the super flashy (and ultimately meaningless) offensive stats that we put up en route to a loss. What, did you really think you'd read a post by me that didn't have any negativity?

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