CSR Offseason Fanpost Prediction Challenge


Do you like to make predictions and then see if you were right? If so then you will want to read the rules of the CSR 2013 Offseason Fanpost Prediction Challenge!

I can't count the number of times I've made a prediction in a comment thread and then later can't find it to prove how awesome of a prognosticator I am. Okay in reality it's not that hard to search your own comments if you have time but play along with me for a moment. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever simply forgotten what you did predict and wondered if you got it right?

How about this. Ever wonder if another member boasting about his correct prediction didn't actually say the opposite in another comment thread? I mean, who is going to try and figure that out.? Well if either of these scenarios have happened to you then I have the solution. Well a solution for at least one prediction for the coming season. We will start with one prediction challenge anyway and see how it goes.

Enter the Offseason CSR Fanpost Challenge to provide a handy reference to your most awesome of offseason predictions.

Here's how it works. Write a fanpost making a prediction that clearly answers the Prediction Challenge question and provide a justification for the prediction that meets the fanpost 75 word minimum.

Prediction Challenge Question #1: What Panther on offense, defense or special teams will have a break out season in 2013?

That's it, one question for this week to start and we will see how it goes to determine if there is a second prediction question. Obviously there are many Panthers who have already had break out seasons and hence are ineligible for consideration.

Here's the list of players off limits, in no particular order: Steve Smith, Cam Newton, DeAngelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen, Charles Johnson, Greg Hardy, Luke Kuechly, Ryan Kalil, Jordan Gross, Jon Beason and Thomas Davis.

So make your prediction and post it as a fanpost. As fanposts are posted CSR members will read them and if they agree with your prediction or like your justification (or for whatever reason) then they 'Rec' it. Feel free to ask for the Rec in your post and reference it is an entry in the fanpost challenge.

Those that hit the Rec threshold for being a 'Recommended Fanpost' will be promoted to the front page and pinned in the top 5 banner for at least a day. There is no limit to the number of fanposts that get recommended or promoted in response to question #1, we just looking for the most quality fanposts we can get.

Of course we will have to wait for the 2013 season to unfold to find out if any of the predictions were accurate but just know it will be a lot easier to find this one if you nail it! It will indisputable!

Of course, predictions present a double-edged sword. Make a really way off base (Read = stupid) prediction and it may take another season to live it down. By the way this is a risk the CSR staff runs every day so don't be shy!

If the challenge is well received we will do another challenge question next week.

So what questions do you have? I'm sure I left something out.

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