2013 NFL supplemental draft: Could the Carolina Panthers select anybody?

Bob Levey

The yearly induction of misfits, castoffs, and off-field issues rolls around as the NFL hold their supplemental draft. Last year's class featured wide receiver Josh Gordon, but 2013 has considerably less fanfare.

Away from the bright lights of Radio City, the NFL holds its supplemental draft to give teams an early chance to burn their 2014 draft picks. The draft will take place at 1 p.m. on Thursday, with teams phoning in their selections.

The common thread this year is academic issues -- with several of the prospects being put on academic probation or leave during the season. Coupled with this is the ubiquitous 'undisclosed reasons' that are so often cited for a player to leave a school. You can read about the full list of available players over at Mocking the Draft, but today we're focusing on the two players who would most intrigue the Panthers -- for the right price.

There aren't any marquee names this year. Unlike 2011 which featured Terrelle Pryor, or 2012 with Josh Gordon -- this year is a much more muted affair. The supplemental draft is a minefield, and it's easy to overrate players out of possible availability. It wasn't long ago pundits speculated that Baccari Rambo would be worth a second round pick, should he enter the supplemental draft; April rolled around and he went in the 6th.

DeWayne Peace

This 5-11 speedster had a similar road to the NCAA as our own Cam Newton, with both players making their way to collegiate football through Blinn College. However, there was no fanfare and impressive victories for Peace, as he was named academically ineligible for the 2013 season and left the program.

His 2012 season at Houston was a mixed bag. There were games where he looked like a dominant receiver, posting 100 yard games against Lousiana Tech, UCLA, and Tulane -- but completely disappearing in others.

Peace finished the season as Houston's leading receiver -- totaling 54 receptions for 603 yards and 2 touchdowns. He's an intriguing prospect due to his speed, but it's hard to justify taking a risk on a size-challenged receiver given the fight at the back-end of the roster.

Nate Holloway

Of all the hog mollies, he was the hog molliest.

Holloway will appeal to Dave Gettleman's sensibilities based on size alone -- but that's not enough. Sure, he carries an unnatural 365-pounds, but he missed the entire 2012 season and his 2011 wasn't much to write home about, as Holloway finished with 3.5 tackles for loss.

If you want to put money on a player to be selected by Carolina, it's Holloway. Despite the questionable history, and spotty performances -- you simple can't teach size, and his 6'3 frame is able to carry it. Given the Panthers don't have depth at the nose tackle spot, he could be a 7th round flier to bring him into camp and see if he can be coached up.

However, it's far more likely this year that nobody is selected, and the UDFA process continues later this week.

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