The Official CSR Overrated Panthers Tournament - Match Two

Streeter Lecka

Let's continue our quest to vote for the most overrated players in Panthers history.

As a friendly reminder, here is the overrated bracket:

Most Overrated Panthers

Page Title

1. Jake Delhomme 16. Jason Baker
??? ??? ???
16. Jason Baker
8. Ricky Manning, Jr. ???
9. Eugene Robinson
5. David Gettis ??? ???
12. Na'il Diggs
4. DeShaun Foster ???
13. Rocket Ismail
6. Richard Marshall ??? ??? ???
11. Jordan Gross
3. Mike Wahle ???
14. Doug Evans
7. Deon Grant ??? ???
10. Ken Lucas
2. Tim Biakabutuka ???
15. John Kasay

Page Title

Today we're voting on the 2 vs. 15 matchup -- Tim Biakabutuka vs. John Kasay.

This one should be fun, shouldn't it? I know what you're thinking: "Why is Kasay in this bracket?! HE WASN'T OVERRATED, RAWR!"

Please, allow me to explain.

Yes, he's the greatest kicker we've ever had. That's not saying a whole lot. That means he's been better than Olindo Mare, Justin Medlock and Graham Gano. If there ever was a Skinniest Kid At Fat Camp Award, this is it.

Look, I have fond memories of Kasay too. We all do, but the facts are still the facts, and Kasay just isn't as good as people make him out to be.

Don't believe me? Here's a quote from the Editorial Staff's discussion on who to include in this list that justifies Kasay's inclusion:

Kasay is a class act, and a great guy... but he's a career 81.9% kicker. He's 19th all time in percentage among veterans. I know people want him in the ring of honor, and maybe he belongs for what he's done in the community -- but as a player? Are the Chargers going to make Nate Kaeding a RoH recipient? What about Matt Stover? Both have a higher career kicking percentage.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Kasay was a great guy, and if this tournament were about best people off the field, Kasay would deservedly win in a landslide. But, this is about football, and as a player he was vastly overrated.

As far as Biakabutuka is concerned, I don't think there's much that can be said; we all know he was overrated. And before someone comes rushing to his defense (no pun intended), I realize that injuries played a major role in his demise.

But, I feel the need to say why we think he's overrated. When I asked the question to the staff, this was the best summary of why Biakabutuka is the #2 seed in our bracket:

Draft position, mainly... and therefore the amount of opportunity he got without really producing anything of value. He had a nasty final season at Michigan, so people thought that it would naturally carry over into the league. It did not.

He played in 50 games over 6 seasons. Any other RB who plays 8.3 games a seasons isn't going to last 6 seasons. It's hard to call a guy overrated when he's hurt all the time, but just the fact that he hung on that long playing in only half the games lends itself to that point.

So there you have it folks. Who do you think is more overrated, Tim Biakabutuka or John Kasay? Vote in the poll below, and feel free to discuss your vote in the comments.

Please remember that voting will close in 48 hours.

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