2013 Carolina Panthers Training Camp: Day 4 Twitter Recap

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Here's a quick recap of today's action via Twitter.

Greetings, Panthers fans!

The CSR Crew is no longer in Spartanburg, but that doesn't mean we can't keep you informed. Here's a brief summary of what went on today in camp from various Twitter sources.

Mike Mitchell working hard to become a starter

So far one of the better competitions in camp has been for the starting SS spot. Mike Mitchell and DJ Campbell have been battling to land the starting gig, and Mitchell is showing signs of improvement already.

I like that. It shows that he is serious about starting in the NFL. In most cases, good things come for those who put in the necessary work to get where they want to be.

We all know that Mitchell brings speed and athleticism to the table (he was drafted by the Raiders, after all), but did you know that he's also a great tackler?

I'm not sure I like the phrase "thud 'em up", but if it means more tackles from the SS position, then I guess I can learn to love the phrase.

Of course, a good safety's best friend is a strong front seven. Mitchell knows this, and he likes the group of guys who are lined up in front of him in Spartanburg.

Perhaps one of Mitchell's biggest issues all along has been the lack of a good front seven in front of him? Hopefully that was the issue he had in Oakland, because Carolina could use a solid option at strong safety this year.

Chase Blackburn adjusting to his new team

Free agent linebacker Chase Blackburn is using training camp as an opportunity to bond with his new teammates.

Blackburn isn't penciled in to be a starter at this point, but he's going to be featured a lot in the rotation, especially if Jon Beason or Thomas Davis need to limit their reps early in the year.

One thing I liked seeing from Blackburn was his accountability. It shows that he's ready to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk. I like seeing that from a new player.

Setting high standards is good. Hopefully he continues to keep that standard, because the Panthers need all the depth they can get on defense, especially with Beason's health still up in the air.

And, in case you're wondering it appears that Blackburn is playing all three LB positions during practice.

Nothing wrong with a little versatility, right?

Thomas Davis expects to be ready this week

Davis tweated his hamstring working out before camp started, but according to Max Henson he hopes to be on the field by Thursday.

I hope he's ready to go soon. We need him on the field, but he's right -- preventing injury this early in the season is priority number one.

Miscellaneous notes

When did we re-hire John Fox?

Sounds a lot like "it is what it is", doesn't it?

Just let this mental picture sit in your head for a while:

Oh, and apparently there's more to Jerry West being at practice today than just hanging out with Big Cat:

If anyone knows anything about winning, it's Jerry West. Hopefully his insight is helpful to the team as they prepare for the upcoming season.

Well friends, that's it for this recap. Be sure to stay tuned for another one tomorrow. Also, if you're not following us on Twitter, you can find us @CatScratchReadr. Be sure to follow us for training camp updates and much, much more!

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