Pennies from Saturday's Carolina Panthers Practice

Streeter Lecka

Rather than hijack one of the guy's threads with a longer comment, I'll just put my unscientific and random two cents here:

Guys that passed the eye test:

Ted Ginn IS really fast out of his breaks, but did have an easy drop during drills. I think it's a lot of what we already know. He will be able to get consistent separation, but he may not consistently catch the ball. I think we will have to accept he will make some dazzling plays, and miss some gimmes.

Nelson Rosario- He has a really nice frame to catch the ball, and made a nice hands catch. He moves noticeably well, and could probably get used in space similar to Greg Olsen.

Olsen: Guy knows what he's doing. Physically he's a specimen. One of the few guys who can stand next to Cam and match-up with (or beat him out) stature-wise.

DeAngelo Williams- I just enjoy seeing how he goes about practice. He seems to genuinely use each drill as a chance to get better. I enjoyed his hands drill where he turns around quickly to catch random errant screen passes from the RB coach.

#89- You could tell he still has IT, and was the best WR out there without even trying hard. Plus he has the swagger to go with it. Personally, I thought he looked a little thicker up top. He also fielded a punt.

Domenick Hixson: His running in individual drills caught my eye enough to make me say, "who is that?" He certainly looks the part of a professional wide-out, long limbs with sharp fluid movement.

Armanti: I'm not an Armanti fan, but I thought he looked like an NFL WR out there. He could end up making himself very hard to cut. And fans really do notice him. The crowd reacts to his plays.

Kuechly: Another guy that is fun to watch go about his drills.

TD: Just good to see him out there practicing after his history, and with Beason out

Klein: He just seemed to be very observant. I got the feeling he is a guy the coaches like, just from how they seemed to call his name a few times during practice.

Guys that didn't pass the eye test:

David Gettis: I know he is a long strider, but he seemed slow in his routes. Also muffed a punt in the returns.

Colby Cameron: Everyone else has mentioned him, but he really does look odd throwing the ball after you watch the other QBs. Seems to require much more effort with his throws.


Cam's short accuracy was up and down. He made some nice mid to deep throws with conviction, but the shorter stuff seemed hit or miss.

Joe Adams/Pilares: Really I just wanted to see more of them on the field.

Secondary: They were rotated enough until it was hard to focus on one guy. Melvin White made a nice play. I didn't get to see Lester or Florence get tested. I can tell DJ Moore wants to be the guy, but I didn't see him do anything special. (Also some big shoes to fill by wearing #20). He did seem to be on the field more than I expected.

Coach Rivera: I meant to watch him to see how the guys responded, and kept getting distracted. The times I payed attention, he seemed to be more with the defense.

Non-Football Other:

I was really surprised by the number of females out there. And it wasn't just the wives/girlfriends of male fans. A decent amount in their 20-30s, and even some old enough to be in the grandma range. We got to tap that resource and get more ladies on CSR. It was pretty cool to see a variety of ages and races. There were a good amount of families with "stroller aged" kids. I had my 20 month old daughter in an umbrella stroller, and had plenty of space to fold it up and put it in the bleachers. So I just said that to say if you are a family man, don't let that be your excuse, the set-up really isn't too bad (though it helped that the weather was a few degrees cooler than usual). Some idiot showed up in a Falcons hat and shirt...I guess he just doesn't know any better. Had the Beacon for the first time was spectacular and I will be back.

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