Player Spotlight: S Colin Jones

Chris Graythen

Only 42 more days.

Fun Facts About The Number 42

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0, 2, 6, 12, 20, 30, 42, ?

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FS Colin Jones

To begin, let's take a quick statistical look at Colin Jones' final two seasons at TCU.

Solo Assists Total TFL Sacks PBU INT TD
2009 14 12 26 1.5 0 2 1 0
2010 52 28 80 11.5 3 4 1 1

As you can clearly see, Jones took a significant leap from his junior to senior seasons.

Did you know that TCU had the # 1 scoring defense(12.0) and # 3 ranked special teams in the country during his final season in 2009? Clearly, Jones exceptional play on both units contributed to those final rankings, and decision makers were taking notice.

The former Horned Frog had now become a revelation in scouting circles, and his rise from relative obscurity ultimately reached its peak when he put on a show at TCU's pro day. Check out his numbers for a moment.

Forty Vertical BJ BP 3 Cone 10 Yard Split 20 Yard Shuttle
4.38 37 10' 4" 20 6.69 1.44 4.04

In the span of a year, Jones had went from an afterthought to a legitimate prospect, and San Francisco rewarded him with a sixth round selection in the 2010 draft.

As a rookie, the 6' 0", 201 lb physical specimen was activated for the final thirteen games of the 49ers regular season and went on to make eight special teams tackles. Jones continued his stellar play by notching three more special teams tackles and a fumble recovery in the postseason.

Meanwhile, the Panthers were watching from afar and coveting Jones' potential to improve their own special teams unit, which was below average at best. Desperate for help, Carolina offered San Francisco a 2014 7th round pick for his services, and the 49ers gladly obliged.

In his first season with the Panthers, Jones was activated for fifteen games and accumulated eleven special teams tackles, which was good enough to finish third on the team. Additionally, he managed to come up with three tackles following an injury to Haruki Nakamura in a late season win against Atlanta.

I wouldn't expect the trade that yielded Jones to begin looking as valuable as the Olsen transaction with Chicago anytime soon, but the move to obtain him shortly before the 2012 season was a prudent one. At 25, Jones hasn't even begun to approach his prime. This is good news for a Panthers team who needs as many promising young special teams aces as possible.

Will Jones ever seriously contend for a starting role on defense? I wouldn't count on it, but stranger things have happened. If he does indeed fail to do so, it wont be from a lack of opportunity. There is no doubt in my mind that Jones will get every chance possible to earn a starting nod on a team who urgently needs play-makers in the secondary.

From my perspective, Jones is a near lock to remain with the Panthers as long as he stays healthy and continues to improve. What say you, CSR?

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