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This Cam Newton statue, which is something so prestigious, and Cam's Heisman trophy might have aided in the never-ending criticism of our quarterback. Or should I say "What they represent"? Which is greatness.

It's my day off of work and I was so excited that training camp was starting that I went jumping from CSR, to the Panthers official webpage, to....well you get my drift. Training camp doesn't actually start until 6:30 so what I came across was limited in entertainment. So as desperate as a nic-head (nicotine fiend) picking through the ash tray over the cigarette butts of satisfaction's past, I found myself watching video footage that I've already seen once or hundreds of times before. Then I realized a pattern taking place as I listened to a lot of these analysis'.

Of course the questions that are always up for debate are "Is Cam Newton...?", "Will Cam Newton...?", "This is why Cam Newton...", yada yada ya na! I started to observe that almost all of the former NFL players(now analyst) acknowledges the undeniable truth about Newton's first two seasons and how there is very little reason to believe that he will not be one of, if not, THE greatest QB of all time. They also point out his immaturity, excessive celebrations, and.....hmm, that's really all. To me, all is fair.

Now on the other hand you have your Adam Schein's, your Peter King's, and most of the other deep rooted, coached, and tutored hand tool analyst out of "The Industry's" tool box to build whatever story that will better feed "The Industry." They ignore stats when convenient, over-analyze something as meaningless as a smile, and beat the "Win-Loss" drum to drown out any rebuttals. While all of this is well known, there's a little more to the architecture of "The Industry's" construction of Cam Newton's story.

Let's take Lebron James for example. You've heard this comparison before, but just bear with me. "The Industry" saw greatness in James before he even left high school. I don't know if it was the first time in history, but it was the first time I ever saw ESPN broadcasting high school games live to show the world this soon to be NBA first round, first draft pick prospect. In Lebron's first few seasons with the Cavaliers he was safe from critism. Mostly because basketball and football are two very different sports. Also because Lebron was rookie of the year and took his team to the playoffs in his second year. That fed "The Industry" just enough to keep them from turning on him immediately. A couple years later the playoffs were not as filling as it once had been. Thus "The Industry" said, "Me want more!". Then slowly you heard the critism come rolling in. "Lebron is too playful on the court", "Lebron looked as if he quit on his team", "Lebron didn't seem focused". Although these criticisms aren't the same as Cam's, except for the first one, these are criticisms that had no merit just like Cam's. Now lets fast forward through the non-stop critcism of the numerous seasons with no rings, the "Decision", and the first finals where James and the Heat failed to win a Championship, to now where James has two Rings and you cannot find a channel or website that is debating who is the best player in the NBA. All hail Lebron James, and "The Industry" is eating real good from all of the praise.

Let me get to the point before I lose you. "The Industry" knows greatness when they see it. Cam's story is one that screams successful ending. From being Tebow's backup, to having to learn the hard way about buying stolen goods(which I do from time to time...just kidding...nah, I'm serious), to enrolling into Blinn College, going undefeated and winning a championship with a small school, to being recruited by a juggernaut like Auburn and taking the world by storm, to being the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft, and Rookie of the Year. This dude breaks records while he's tying his shoe.

So when "The Industry" sees greatness, they are going to feed off of it as much as they can. If its not a big meal for them(which is championships, first year SB appearance, dynasty talk, etc.) then they are going to snack on whatever small, petty, negative, rage raising bull that they can get their hands on until they are fed properly. So from now on whenever you read a Cam-Bashing article or see a Negative-Newton video, just know that it is "The Industry" snacking off of him until he delivers the greatness that they anticipate.

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