Player Spotlight: LB Ryan Rau


49 and Counting....

Facts About The Number 49

49 is the lowest square number whose digits are also squares.

During the Manhattan Project (the project that developed and produced the first atom bomb during World War II), plutonium was referred to as 49, which was based on the last digit of plutonium's atomic number(4) and the last digit (9) in Pu-239, the weapon-grade fissile isotope used in nuclear bombs.

How many of you knew that the party (singing and drumming) that follows an American Indian powwow is known as a 49?

Without looking, can anyone tell me which is the 49th state in the union? How many of you have ever visited or lived in this state? Better yet, how many CSR members are currently living there?

Generally speaking, the US-Cananian border follows the 49th parallel, which is the circle of latitude that is 49 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane.

CA-49 is a California highway that runs through many of the towns in the Sierra-Nevada foothills which popped up during the gold rush of 1849. How many of you have ever driven on this road?

I lived off of Hwy 49 in Cabbarus County, NC for twelve years during my childhood? Can any of you say the same about living on this road (or at least frequenting it)?

LB Ryan Rau

Ryan Rau has only been in the league a little over a year, and he's already bounced around three different rosters.

He was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Philadelphia Eagles, who eventually called him up from the practice squad onto their 53 man roster, where he managed to collect three special team tackles over the final four games of the season. But it wasn't enough. The Eagles would waive him four months later (4/11/13).

Although the Browns snatched him up only a day later, he lasted just five weeks in Cleveland before being released on May, 21, 2013. This is when the Panthers swooped in and signed him the following day.

At 6' 1", 235 lbs, Rau is a bit undersized for the linebacker position, but that hasn't stopped Jordan Senn (who is even smaller) from finding some stability with the Panthers. On a side note, it wouldn't surprise me if Rau and Senn were able to make fast friends based on the fact that they both played college football at Portland State (not at the same time).

One thing that I found interesting is that Rau tested fairly well at his pro day in 2012. In fact, he outperformed our 2013 fifth round pick, AJ Klein, in many areas. But before you get too caught up with the numbers listed in the chart below, it is important to keep in mind that Klein outweighed Rau by twenty pounds at the time of their individual testing.

Forty Vert BJ BP 3 Cone 20 Shuttle 10 Yrd Split
Ryan Rau 4.65 36.5 10' 3" 28 6.91 4.35 1.66
AJ Klein 4.66 33 9' 5" 24 7.06 4.35 1.60

Honestly, I don't know what to expect from this guy because there is such little information on him. I guess I would describe Rau as one of those wildcards that could come out of nowhere and surprise us, but he must standout on special teams in the preseason to do so. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to keep our expectations low. I say he'll work his way onto the practice squad at best. What say you, CSR?

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