Panther Paw Prints: Falcons Hat Edition


We kick off this batch of paw prints with an updated quote from Dave Gettleman about the state of the Panthers offseason.

Carolina Panthers - TeamReport | GlobalPost
QUOTE TO NOTE: "I thought we had a real solid offseason. We obviously had issues early on, and we addressed them. We've come through the other side pretty well. I feel good about the way we're positioned right now." - GM Dave Gettleman, who had to navigate through a salary-cap mess after taking over in January.

I'm feeling pretty good. What would make me feel better though is if we could somehow bring this guy on board:

Carolina Panthers looking to add talent to back end of defense
If he is signed by Carolina, Mikell would step into the Panther’s facility as the best defensive back on the roster. He would be paired with Charles Godfrey as the opening day safeties. His addition along with the experienced Drayton Florence could provide invaluable leadership and on-field instruction to the young defensive backfield in Carolina. Mikell is not a long-term solution to the Panthers secondary concerns, but he will be of value to Carolina in more ways than just his play on the field. He will be a great addition for this year and perhaps next.

Best on the roster? I guess so but he is 32. I predict DJ Campbell will start at SS for us week 1. Besides, we have a nasty front seven led by these three guys:

Position preview: Linebackers
"I don't know that there's a better linebacking corps on paper than what we have in Carolina," defensive coordinator Sean McDermott said. Added first-year linebackers coach Al Holcomb: "Obviously, everyone is looking to this position group as the leaders and the bell cows on the defensive side of the ball. We certainly are going to do our part to get this defense where it needs to be.

"They are an unselfish, talented group of men that possess a collective, dominating, urge to win."

Dominating urges are good!

Sticking with the LBs, Kuechly is still making the rounds with the youth, this time the wisdom of staying hydrated:

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly comes to Roanoke Rapids High School - The Daily Herald: Access
"I have been doing things here and there with Gatorade, talking about the products they have to help prevent dehydration, things that will help you through training camp. Especially when it is hot like this," Kuechly said.

Kuechly stressed to the athletes how staying hydrated before, during and after a game can help performance on the field. "This is cool and easy for me to do," Kuechly said. "I can get around and touch a lot of people. You get a camp together, and a bunch of guys around and you can talk to everybody."

"If you don’t have fluid in your muscles, and you are not hydrated you can pull something," Kuechly said. "That is a tough issue. Soft tissue damage — you cannot rush that back. I think hydration is an easy thing to do. Lifting, running and getting in shape is hard. Drinking, that is not that hard to do."

Preach it Uncle Luke! Drinking is not hard to do, no problem. Reminds me of a drinking joke...I drink, I fall down, I get problem! Just add a little vodka to that Gatorade! (I'm kidding of course)

So we've discussed how J-Stew has yet to be a full participant at training camp his entire four year career in Carolina and this season will be no different. Yet when the season rolls around he is ready to go almost suggesting he is sandbagging to get out of practice. This year might be different. I mean, I don't think anyone would fault him for playing a round of 18 for charity one way or the other:

Injury Woes Continue For Jonathan Stewart
For a player entering his sixth season in the NFL, having injuries to both ankles will certainly hold him back. In fact, it was reported last week that Stewart will likely not be ready for the start of training camp. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Stewart reportedly had to withdraw from a charity golf tournament over the weekend because of ankle soreness.

As the tweet in the link says, you have to be pretty gimpy to not be able to play 18 with a cart. Hence #3 RB is a more vital position battle this season.

I for one had no problem with Newton wearing a Falcons hat after hearing his explanation and I think it registered a big 'Meh' here on CSR. So what did Falcons fans think of it?

Cam Newton, Falcons Fan? - The Falcoholic
What has genuinely surprised me as I have read angry responses to Newton's statement is that Newton's Falcons fandom makes me feel a little protective of him. I will be honest--I don't particularly care for Cam Newton. I did not like him in college, and I now find him whiny and arrogant and tiresome. But this revelation makes me think of Newton as "one of us," and I genuinely don't think that Newton revealing that he still has an affinity for the team that he grew up following is of particular concern.

We'll see how she feels after Newton torches the dirty birds in 2013!

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