Player Spotlight: LB Ben Jacobs


Let's take a quick look at #53.

The only factors of the #53 are 1 and 53, which makes it the 16th prime number.

53 is the sum of 5 consecutive prime numbers: 5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 = 53

53 was the racing number of Herbie, a Volkswagen Beetle which had a mind of it's own in the 1969 movie, "The Love Bug".

Does 53 man roster ring a bell?

Wilt Chamberlain scored 53 points in a playoff game in 1960, which is still an NBA rookie record to this day.

53 is the atomic number of iodine, which is most commonly used as an additive in table salt.

Ben Jacobs' life in the NFL since being signed as an undrafted free agent by the Cleveland Browns on July 30, 2011 has been a virtual roller coaster ride.

Number 53 made enough of an impression during training camp as a rookie that he was signed(two days after being released) to the practice squad, where he remained for the his first 11 games. Although Jacobs was called up from the practice squad for the final five regular season games, he was still unable to register a single statistic.

The roller coaster ride and team swapping began in full the following season(2012) when Jacobs didn't survive the final cuts on the last day of August. Two days later he was signed back onto Cleveland's practice squad, only to be waived again about five weeks later on October 9.

Can you guess who signed him a month later with perhaps an ulterior motive? That would be their division rival Cincinnati Bengals. Jacobs was again released just fifteen days later, and didn't sniff an NFL roster until the Panthers picked him up approximately two months ago.

The Fresno State Bulldog does have a few things going for him: Intelligence, excellent size(6'4", 245) and youth(25). But he is only an average athlete(relatively speaking), which I believe has been his main Achilles heel in the NFL. Frankly, I just can't see Jacobs making the Panthers final 53 man roster when I think about some of the other linebackers who probably already have a leg up on him. I will, however, give him an outside chance of landing on their practice squad.

If you happen to be reading this Mr. Jacobs, feel free to use this article as motivation to prove myself and any other detractors(haters), wrong.

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