Player Spotlight: LB Jason Williams

Four Year Veteran Jason Williams - Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

54 and counting....

How many of you have ever recognized the fact that a Rubik's Cube has 9 squares on 6 sides, which equates to exactly 54 facelets(squares)?

54 is twice the 3rd power of 3: 3 X 3 X 3 = 27 X 2 = 54

54 is a Harshad number(Niven number), which means that it is divisible by the sum of it's individual digits.

Xenon's atomic number is 54. This element is a noble gas that is both colorless and odorless. How many of you knew that Xenon is used as a general anesthetic?

In 54 B.C., Julius Cesar invaded Britain.

In 54 A.D, Claudius, the Roman emperor at that time, died at the age of 63 after eating poisonous mushrooms given to him by a physician as part of a plot inspired by the empress Agrippina.

A deck of cards has 54 face designs.

In the 1998 NBA playoffs, Utah only scored 54 points, which is the lowest total ever scored in the postseason.

There are exactly 54 countries in Africa. Quick, can you name half of them?

Jason Williams is entering his 5th season in the NFL and his experience thus far has not been without some hiccups along the way.

Number 54 was originally drafted in the third round of the 2009 NFL draft by the Dallas Cowboys, where he spent most of his rookie season on the inactive list(11 games). Williams did, however, manage to experience some success by posting five special teams' tackles in the only five games he was activated that same year, and the Panthers took notice, apparently lurking from afar, ready to pounce at a moments notice.

The following season, his journeyman status began when he was waived November 2nd by the Cowboys, only to be claimed by the Panthers the very next day. Three weeks later, Williams earned his very first NFL start, and he didn't disappoint. He notched seven tackles and recovered a fumble that he forced himself. A week later he posted eight tackles and also broke up a pass that was intercepted by Captain Munnerlyn. Unfortunately for Williams, his ascent and overall potential was dealt a major blow only ten days later when he tore his left anterior cruciate ligament in practice. PRACTICE? WE TALKIN' 'BOUT PRACTICE?

Amazingly, Williams was less than a year removed from his knee injury, and yet he still managed to play in 14 games the following season(2011).

I have little doubt believing Jason would tell you himself that 2012 may have been his most trying. His season seemingly was over before it began when Carolina released him during the final cuts on the final day of August. Number 54 spent approximately a month in limbo before the Eagles signed him on October 9th, only to be waived about three weeks later. The Panthers decided to bring him back into the fold just a day after Philadelphia released him, and here he is in Carolina once again fighting for viability.

At 27, Williams knows the game within the game by now, and shouldn't be surprised if he finds himself looking for work before the upcoming 2013 season begins. After all, the Panthers have already reinforced the linebacker position even more this offseason by adding a promising rookie(AJ Klein) and a talented veteran free agent(Chase Blackburn).

The challenging winds of uncertainty will surely be howling through Spartanburg in less than two weeks, and number 54 will once again find himself in the midst of the hot and humid summer storm. The odds are most definitely stacked against him, but I'm certain he is ready for any and every challenge that lies ahead.

The battle between the players at the bottom of the preseason linebacker depth chart will be heavily contested and very entertaining to follow. So what is your prediction CSR? Will Jason Williams make the final 53 man roster or be waived once more?

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