The Official CSR Overrated Panthers Tournament - Match Eight

Streeter Lecka

Let's continue our quest to vote for the most overrated players in Panthers history.

As a friendly reminder, here is the overrated bracket:

Most Overrated Panthers

Page Title

1. Jake Delhomme 16. Jason Baker
??? ??? ???
16. Jason Baker
8. Ricky Manning, Jr. ???
9. Eugene Robinson
5. David Gettis 5. David Gettis ???
12. Na'il Diggs
4. DeShaun Foster 4. DeShaun Foster
13. Rocket Ismail
6. Richard Marshall 6. Richard Marshall ??? ???
11. Jordan Gross
3. Mike Wahle 3. Mike Wahle
14. Doug Evans
7. Deon Grant ??? ???
10. Ken Lucas
2. Tim Biakabutuka 2. Tim Biakabutuka
15. John Kasay

Page Title

Today we're voting on the 8 vs. 9 matchup -- Ricky Manning, Jr. vs. Eugene Robinson.

Ricky Manning, Jr. is loved by fans who remember the 2003 team because his performance in the NFC Championship Game against the Eagles is one of the main reasons the Panthers made it to the Super Bowl (where they eventually lost to the Patriots).

Of course, the problem is outside of that NFC title game he didn't do much else for Carolina. He got a few interceptions over the next two seasons, but other than that he wasn't as good of a cornerback as many people thought he was.

Eugene Robinson only played one season in Carolina, but he was still overrated.

I'm sure you're wondering how we could include a guy who only played one year in Carolina, and was a pretty solid player for other teams in the league.

Here's our reasoning, provided by a member of our Editorial Staff:

He was a big FA signing, coming from the Falcons (he was on the '98 SB team). He was expected to solidify the secondary next to a young Mike Minter and a relatively unknown pair of CBs.

By the time he came to Carolina, he was two steps slower, and on top of that he was reluctant to throw his body around -- something you cannot be if you're going to be a good NFL safety.

Robinson was a beast early on in his career, and coming into his only year with the team, he had 50-plus career interceptions, so expectations were high. He just had the look of a player who was hanging on too long. After one season the Panthers looked to go young at the safety spots (enter Deon Grant), and Robinson retired.

Ok. We've made a case for both players, and now it's up to you to determine which one should move on in the bracket. There's a case to be made for both players and it's a vote that could go either way, but a decision has to be made.

So who do you think is more overrated, Ricky Manning, Jr. or Eugene Robinson? Vote in the poll below, and feel free to discuss your vote in the comments.

Please remember that voting will close in 48 hours.

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