Will Cam Newton Get Matt Stafford Money?

Gregory Shamus

James reported last week that Detroit QB Matt Stafford's recent contract sets a marker for what we can expect to pay Cam Newton when his rookie contract runs out.

Stafford got a three year $53M over 3 years deal with $43M guaranteed. That's $17.67M per season which is pretty sizable. Now I know we tend to focus on the guaranteed money but when talking about a young QB the plan had better be to keep him for the entire length of the contract.

I would think $18M is season is probably a good barometer of what we can expect. Here's one writer that thinks the Panthers could re-sign Newton early next offseason for less than this amount.

Pay The Cam « CBS Charlotte
The new CBA says that after a player’s 3rd year teams can finally give a player a long term deal. The Panthers should take advantage of this opportunity. You are building your franchise around him and can’t afford to lose him. And, he is the first big time QB who came after the new rookie wage scale was implemented.

He received $28 million less guaranteed money in his rookie deal than Sam Bradford did in his. Cam is going to want to make up for that at first chance and I don’t blame him. Offer him a $100 million deal for 6 years and give him $35 million guaranteed. That is more than fair market value. Heck, Stafford got $43 mill guaranteed and he doesn’t run as well as Cam and hasn’t been as durable as Cam.

I'm not sure what argument the author Mac McClain is making here. $100M over 6 years is $16.67 per year. I'm thinking Newton would garner more than Stafford yet he's proposed he will accept $1M less next year than Stafford got this year. This is after arguing Newton is better and supposedly will want to make up some of that $28M the rookie pay scale 'screwed' him out of. By the way, Stafford had the benefit of getting his first contract (and huge payday) prior to the new CBA and rookie pay scale.

So what impact will Stafford's contract actually have on Newton's negotiations? At a minimum I think it sets the floor for Newton's negotiations, not the ceiling. A year from now I predict the consensus will be that Newton is a much better QB than Stafford with remaining upside. Now I'm not saying he will reach Joe Flacco's $20M per season but I doubt he requires less than Stafford.

So what do you think?

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