The Official CSR Overrated Panthers Tournament - Match Five


Let's continue our quest to vote for the most overrated players in Panthers history.

As a friendly reminder, here is the overrated bracket:

Most Overrated Panthers

Page Title

1. Jake Delhomme 16. Jason Baker
??? ??? ???
16. Jason Baker
8. Ricky Manning, Jr. ???
9. Eugene Robinson
5. David Gettis ??? ???
12. Na'il Diggs
4. DeShaun Foster 4. DeShaun Foster
13. Rocket Ismail
6. Richard Marshall ??? ??? ???
11. Jordan Gross
3. Mike Wahle 3. Mike Wahle
14. Doug Evans
7. Deon Grant ??? ???
10. Ken Lucas
2. Tim Biakabutuka 2. Tim Biakabutuka
15. John Kasay

Page Title

Today we're voting on the 5 vs. 12 matchup -- David Gettis vs. Na'il Diggs.

Even though I believe he has no chance to win this matchup, let's at least entertain the idea that the fanbase has overrated David Gettis to some degree.

Let's be honest with ourselves here. The only thing that Gettis offers right now is potential. He hasn't produced much (admittedly that's mostly due to injury, but still -- facts are facts), and we don't even know if he's going to be able to be the same guy he was in 2010 before he tore his ACL during training camp in 2011 and suffered a hamstring injury in 2012.

What do we know about Gettis? Well, he's tall and he was fast before he got hurt. How fast is he now? We don't know, but a lot of fans believe that he's going to step out on the field and turn into the future #1 WR we desperately crave, despite the fact that even in his rookie season when he was healthy he wasn't that great.

I mean, I could go on and on about how he and LaFell produced similar numbers under the same QB situation in 2010, but I figure that will get hashed out in the comments so I'll let y'all handle that.

As far as Na'il Diggs goes, he was a classic case of "well, he's a veteran, so he gets to play" under the old regime. Diggs took reps away from a young (and arguably better) James Anderson, even though he really didn't deserve to get as much time on the field as he did after Anderson arrived. It's because of Foxy's reluctance to sit Diggs in favor of the younger (and again, arguably better) replacement that puts him in this bracket.

Like I said before, I have a feeling I already know how this one's going to play out, but like the old adage says, that's why they play the games.

So, we leave it in your hands. Who do you think is more overrated, David Gettis or Na'il Diggs? Vote in the poll below, and feel free to discuss your vote in the comments.

Please remember that voting will close in 48 hours.

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