2013 NFL Top 100: Does Brad Nortman deserve to be on the list?


via Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images North America

With quarterback Cam Newton, linebacker Luke Kuechly and wide receiver Steve Smith representing the Panthers on the top-100 list at #46, #79 and #84 respectively, Carolina's representation is now complete. One fan is upset that punter Brad Nortman wasn't featured, but does this fan have just cause for their outrage? Let's look into the numbers and find out.

As Panther fans we all know what a rich punting heritage our team has..... Jason Baker, Rohn Stark, Ken Walter and of course the 'Brun himself. These Legends of punting only paved the way to where we are now: Brad Nortman. The editors have analysed the highs of our depth chart rightfully looking at where we've been screwed by the bias popularity contest that is the top 100. We're just a small town team, living in a lonely world.... I digress.... I'm here to discuss the greater bias out there in the big bad world of the NFL : Punter persecution.

We are guilty of it too! should a punter not have the same rights as any other player??! Do their contributions not matter to the team at large??!!! Well as it happens no.... the answer is no. Punters are paid a relative pittance in a world that lives and dies over mere inches. How important can 6 inches really be???!! forget sex, in a punters world six inches can mean a whole different kind of glory, a whole 'nother type of embarrassment. Lets examine some stats and see why in the world he was overlooked:-

Player Punts Punt yards Long AVG NET AVG in 20 Touchbacks blocked returns return yards
Player A 76 3,267 63 43.0 36.5 20 7 1 37 318
Player B 67 3,226 66 48.1 43.2 36
4 0 36 249

By looking at stats alone you'd think that Player B is the one who was featured on the list, right? Well, if you did -- you're wrong. Neither were they are both Punters, and punters don't make lists.
Now the more 'specialist' fans among you (bhahahaha) might have already figured out who one of the above players is, but i'll tell you anyway.

Player A is Brad Nortman
Player B is Andy Lee

Fascinating I know. Lee's punting stats were good enough for 2nd overall in the league. Nortman's? A lowly 34th out of 39: and yes one of those below him was Ben Rothlisberger. In fact Nortman is the lowest in the league if you remove quarterbacks and punters with less than 7 punts. LAST!!!!! Only two players managed less punts inside the 20... Even Big Ben managed to punt inside the 20!!!

The time for jokes is over. The only list Nortman should be on is the free agency list.
So what do you think Panthers fans?

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