Greg Hardy took to Reddit, and his answers are gold

J. Meric

The Kraken social media storm continues -- and he's getting a lot of love from around the league.

Greg Hardy has dominated Cat Scratch Reader over the last week, and rightfully so. During a time where NFL news is a trickle, he's entertaining with his fan interaction, nickname coining, and his dog, Tiger Woods. Kraken took to Reddit to talk to fans after talking to us over Twitter, and some of the answers he gave are absolute gold.

You can read the entire topic here, but be warned that there's some language. I've censored for the sake of this article.

Whats up everyone haha I started going on panthers forums yesterday thanking all my fans going that extra mile love all fans because yall are the reason I get to play on Sunday this is my thank you to all nfl fans and you can verify this is me via twitter @itsghardy if you dont believe me #krakenout

It was obviously him, especially given his efforts in recent days.

Falcons fan: I know you hate the falcons but i hope we can agree on *$%# the saints.

Hardy: I love logic man I really do and thats great logic haha

#KrakenLogic... this seems like a thing we can use this season.

Seahawks fan: well I think you've found a good place to be a part of. plus there's a subreddit for anything you could possibly be interested in... anything .....

Hardy: haha I will mainly stick to twitter it is just easier but i like to do stuff for the fans so every once in a while ull see me on here prob talking about music that I make or the pro boxing match I am gonna have with former defensive end turned pro heavy weight ray edwards

Falcons fans: Please knock the &^$% out of him.. If you could do that i would be really happy.

Hardy: lol oh its gonna happen

This is going to be amazing, there's no way around it. I wonder how JR will feel about his star defensive end turning boxer?

Broncos fan: Thanks for doing this Greg! So, what play from your entire football career are you most proud of?

Hardy: Ill answer that in a video as well haha question for u how was it as a fan watching tebow magic ? haha edge of ur seat a lot ?

Troll hard Kraken, troll hard. We should see if he can come over an contribute his opinion on whether Tebow should be a Panther.

Patriots fan: Love the DE position, and you absolutely rocked it this past season. You're a wicked athletic dude, how did you decide on DE? Just something that made sense with you, or did you have an idol or something?
I wish I could ask you to go easy on Brady week 11, but asking Greg Hardy to not sack QBs is like asking Sinatra to not sing. Keep doing your thing dude... you're awesome to watch.

Hardy: not gonna lie you pats fans love me whats funny about that is my best friend is a HUGE patriots fan before I even came in the NFL and has a MAN crush on tom brady and developing one for the gronk hha

Emphasis mine.

I want to see Mike Tolbert on 'Dancing with the Stars', but I want to see a BFF show with Hardy and Gronk even more.

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