Thomas Davis Adjusting to Position Change


After playing the weak side in 2012 LB Thomas Davis is being moved to the strong side so the Panthers can get their three best LBs on the field at the same time.

Whereas we on CSR had assumed Jon Beason would play strong side it looks like the Panthers have other plans that are already in process:

Holcomb takes charge of linebackers
Holcomb also likes how Thomas Davis has transitioned to the strongside position, after reemerging as the weakside linebacker in 2012 following three anterior cruciate ligament injuries in less than two years. "Thomas is a veteran, and he sees the big picture. He gets it," Holcomb said. "He's adjusting very well to playing on the strong side. He's picking up the checks, he's communicating more. "Physically, he's a guy that in space, you marvel at. He has exceptional ability for the position, in terms of his movement and his ability to close on the football."

Beason played the weak side his rookie season just as Kuechly did and only moved to the middle after an injury to MLB Dan Morgan. This must be a case of LB coach Al Holcomb deciding that based on skills it would be better to move Davis than have Beason learn play the strong side.

Jon Beason is adjusting to the weakside linebacker spot after playing in the middle for most of his first six seasons. Holcomb believes the switch will be seamless with the ability Beason possesses. "Jon is a three-time Pro Bowler, he's been the leader of this defense. The guys rally around him," Holcomb said. "His football acumen is off the charts. "I think he's going to transition well to the outside and he's going to give us a presence there."

This is Holcomb first shot as a position coach coming down from NY in the offseason. As you can imagine he was excited to see what MLB and rookie DROY Luke kUchly looked like:

Middle linebacker Luke Kuechly – the 2012 NFL tackle leader and Defensive Rookie of the Year – has been as good as advertised. "He's very good and even with the success that he's had early in his career, he's like a sponge," Holcomb said. "He wants to gain as much knowledge about the (middle linebacker) position and the defense as he can. "You tell him something once, and he gets it. He lets you coach him, he takes to coaching very well. He tries everything the way we are teaching it. It's been a pleasure coaching him."

So adjust your depth charts Panther fans as it is now Beason - Kueckly - Davis, not the other way around. The Panthers have found the combination they were looking for and will start arguably the best LB trio in the NFL.

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