How Does Cam Newton Stack Up

I was perusing the Sports Illustrated website and saw the link to an article over at Blogging the Boys written by One.Cool.Customer. He wanted to compare Tony Romo to the other quarterbacks in the league to see if Romo really does have more bad games than other QB's. There's a neat chart in it that lists all the active QB's with at least 32 starts, how many bad games they've had (defined by a QB rating of less than 66.7), percentage of bad games, and winning percentage of those bad games. I took a look at it to see how Cam Newton stacks up. Here's the link to the article:

In 32 games, Cam has had 7 bad games (as defined above) which is 22%. This puts him in company with Carson Palmer at 22% and Stafford, Freeman, Flacco and Jason Campbell at 23%. Brees, Roethlisberger and Ryan are above him at 17%. Cam ranks 10th out of 33 QB's on the list by percentage of bad games. The Panthers won only one of those 7 bad games for a winning percentage of .143. Cam ranked 28th of 33 in that regard.

The article also linked to another article by One.Cool.Customer comparing games that were considered excellent (QB rating of more than 100). That article is here:

Cam has had 12 excellent games out of 32 (38%). He is 11th of 33 on that list. He ranks with Flacco (39%) and Roethlisberger (40%). The Panther's winning percentage in those 12 games is .667.

It seems that the Panthers' team play is holding us back more than the quarterback play. The Panthers won .667 of their games where Cam had an excellent rating, but the quarterbacks above him on the list had an average winning percentage of .863, which is a difference of about 3 wins a season. On the other hand, 23 of 33 QB's had a worse rate of bad games than Cam, but they averaged a winning percentage of .233 in those bad games as opposed to the Panthers winning .143. That difference of .090 translates to about 1.5 games a season. How does that happen?

The Panthers have upgraded at a few positions, but we are waiting to see how other areas like offensive line, wide receiver and defensive backfield work out. We've seen that improved quarterback play got us from 2 wins to 6 and 7 wins per season, but it's the rest of the team that must improve to get us into the playoffs.

What do you think are the reasons for the Panthers lower win rates? Inexperienced/bad coaching? Confidence? Not having a "find a way to win" mentality? Having a defense that does not create turnovers?

When Matt Ryan has a bad day, the Falcons still win at a rate of .462. When he has an excellent day, they win at a rate of .970. Are the Falcons really that much better than Carolina?

I'm a long time lurker and a first time poster. Go easy on me.

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