Which Panthers Player are you Most Looking Forward to Watching during Preseason?

We have now entered the time of the offseason that everyone hates. Mini-camps have just ended, and we must now bear through the several weeks of football nothingness that lead up to Training Camp. But cheer up fellow Panther fans, according to the countdown on my phone, there are only just 51 days and 4 hours until the Panthers first preseason game against the Chicago Bears on August 9th. I always convince myself leading up to preseason that I actually like preseason games, however I am quickly reminded how much I actually hate the preseason games once I start watching them and have to see Jimmy Clausen throw the ball out of bounds every play. However, I'm sure like me, most of you guys enjoy watching some of the new young talent we have acquired. So on that note, I will ask the question:

Which Panthers player are you most excited to watch during the preseason?

Here are mine:

Star Lotulelei

As all of you well know, Star Lotulelei was our first round draft selection that should not have been available at pick number 14. It will be interesting seeing how well he does in the preseason because defensive tackles are known to struggle their first year on the field.

Lamont Bryant

Lamont Bryant is one of the many receivers fighting for a spot on the roster. Last preseason, he made a lovely leaping catch against the Steelers that went for a touchdown. He is still most likely very raw, but it will be interesting seeing if he makes an impact during the preseason games.

Kenjon Barner

Kenjon Barner was our 6th round selection in the most recent draft. Barner was a stud with breakaway speed at Oregon who rushed for 1,767 yards and 21 touchdowns. It will be intriguing to watch him once the subs come in and see if he flashes at all like he did at Oregon.

Armanti Edwards

I apologize for bringing him up, because I know he has been brought up countless times in the past few weeks. Armanti has received raving reviews from Ron Rivera the past few weeks and was even named "The Most Improved Player". Edwards is also competing for a roster spot and it will be interesting to see if he actually has improved.

Kawann Short

Short was our second round pick in the 2013 draft and he is expected to be an interior pass rushing threat that rotates with Dwan Edwards. As mentioned before, defensive tackles are known to struggle in preseason, so it will be interesting to see if he can provide a push the first few weeks.

Josh Norman

Josh Norman struggled most of last year, but it would have been unfair to expect a lot out of a 5th round rookie. Norman has received good reports so far from Gettlemen and Steve Wilks. Basically every position in the secondary, barring free safety, has an open competition for the starting spot, and Josh Norman has a good chance of winning one of the cornerback spots.

So Panthers fans, which player are you most excited to watch?

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