NFL Roster Comprised of Current NBA players

I am an avid reader on this website and it has inspired me to try my hand at blogging. I started a blog today, Its super raw but I think y'all will find my first article readable and entertaining. I would love any feedback on the article, blog, or tips in general about blogging. Thanks

My friend and I are obsessed with NBA All-Star weekend. It has lost some of its luster recently, but it is still a phenomenal showcase of athleticism. NBA players are some of the greatest athletes on our planet and the all-star weekend really showcases this. One of my friends commented that Derrick Rose looked like a cheetah playing in last year's all-star game. NBA players can accelerate to full speed in seconds, stop on dimes, soar through the air, and spin quicker than a dreidel during Hanukkah. See Tony Parker Below:

And yes, I really just wanted an excuse to post this gif (back to the point at hand). Watching the All-star festivities got us to thinking...what would happen if you put NBA players on a football field? The possibilities are endless, and the potential of some of the players on a football field is downright scary; just think about Lebron James catching passes. Naturally, we then decided to compose a NFL roster using current NBA players. Note: we included one player currently in the D-league and one player currently playing in Turkey, simply because the player in Turkey could not be left off the team, period. Here is what we came up with:

Offense Defense Special Teams

WR Lebron James DE Dwight Howard KR Ty Lawson

LT Zach Randolph DT Glen Davis PR John Wall

LG Luke Harangody DT DeJuan Blair K Steve Nash

C Kevin Love DE Kendrick Perkins P Matt Bonner

RG JJ Hickson SLB Thomas Robinson

RT Demarcus Cousins MLB Joey Dorsey

TE Blake Griffin WLB Kenneth Faried

Slot J.R. Smith CB Rajon Rondo

WR Shannon Brown CB Derrick Rose

QB Kyrie Irving FS Dwyane Wade

RB Eric Bledsoe SS Russell Westbrook


We definitely have the nicknames needed to assemble a successful NFL roster. Zach "Z-Bo" Randolph and Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins anchor our offensive line. Side note: ever wonder how Cousins got his nickname "Boogie"? I sure did. Well, it turns out the story is not as good as I thought it was going to be. Demarcus was asked how he got the nickname on ESPN First Take and his response was:

Coach Rod Strickland at Kentucky gave me the name. I would be playing ball and I would do moves that guards would do and coach Strickland said, "Man, you got a lot of Boogie." Every time I walked into the gym he would say, "What's up Boogie!" and it just stuck.

Well he basically made it stick himself. His twitter handle is @boogiecousins and his middle name on Facebook is "Boogie" wonder it caught on! But let's be honest, if someone called me "Boogie Grantham", I would be doing all the above as well as naming my first child "Boogie Grantham".

On defense, we have Gen "Big Baby" Davis holding down the interior of the line. The crowd would definitely chant "Waaaahhhhhhh" every time he made a play because he's just a big baby...bad joke? And we also have Kenneth "The Mannimal" Faried playing linebacker, enough said. Last, but certainly not least, we have Matt "The Red Rocket" Bonner at punter. I mean, I couldn't think of a better nickname for a punter myself. As we all know, having a great nickname makes you much better at sports so our roster is looking really solid already.

Some of you might question the selection of Eric Bledsoe at RB. This was a hotly debated position that was eventually solved by performing a Google image search of Eric Bledsoe, which yielded this picture:

Reminder: this is a picture of him from college. The dude is 6 ft 1, 200 pounds and extremely explosive. If you need further proof, YouTube Eric Bledsoe dunks and keep in mind his height.

As far as how we are going to put up points, we have built our offense around Kyrie Irving, more affectionately known as "Uncle Drew". Uncle Drew is built in the mold of RG3; he has dynamic vision, elite speed, and could flick the ball with ease down a football field. He would have fans yelling "that's a pocket pass"! all game long. The team would mainly function out of the spread, with Kevin Love delivering pin point shotgun snaps. At WR, we have three elite jumpers with blazing speed. Throw in Blake Griffin at TE and this group of pass-catchers could out-jump any secondary in the NFL. NFL RedZone would have to add a screen box specifically designed for this team.

Our defense is anchored by Joey Dorsey, a power forward most notably known for playing on Derrick Roses' Memphis squad. I fondly remember his fast-break windmills and his strip downs to wife beaters once he fouled out of games; this was a site because the guy was a mammoth. According to Wikipedia, during the 2007 NCAA Tournament, Dorsey famously called Ohio State center Greg Oden "overrated as a big man", said that Oden "might be as good as Joey Dorsey", and labeled himself "Goliath" and Oden "the little man". That is the kind of attitude needed to lead a NFL defense.

Our pass rushers, Dwight and Perkins, wouldn't be that effective at getting to the quarterback. However, how are you going to throw a pass over these guys let alone attempt a field goal? They would block more kicks than a Euro Leaguer's shin guards. Also, if Perkins ever got a quarterback, he would leave him looking like this:

In my opinion, the secondary is the best part of our team. Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose would be shutdown corners on the edges. Rondo's hands would allow him to manhandle receivers at the LOS, pick off passes with ease, and give Brett Favre-esque butt slaps. D Rose has all-world quickness/agility that would allow him to blanket any receiver in the game. At free safety, Dwyane "Flash" Wade is allowed to roam the field, much like he does as a defender for the Heat. One of the best fits on the team is Russell Westbrook at strong safety. Can you imagine him running downhill at a ball-carrier in the same fashion he attacks the hole on fast breaks? Sheeshhh. Rusell would also set the fashion tone for our team.

On special teams,we have two of the fastest players in the NBA: Ty Lawson and John Wall. Ty has the straight-line speed to be devastating on kick returns and John Wall has the elusiveness and spin-moves to decimate coverage units on punt returns. Wall could also lead our team in pregame dances:

john wall dougie

I talked about the Red Rocket earlier as our punter; couldn't you see him being able to just boom the football?. Steve Nash rounds out our roster at kicker. He is white, Canadian, and an accomplished soccer player, a great fit for the position.

Our roster is filled with exceptional athletes that would wreak havoc in space, but the team just doesn't have the size up front necessary to compete in the National Football League. The linemen are too tall and not thick enough; they would be abused in the leverage battle. However, getting this team in the open field would provide some very entertaining stuff. That's it, folks. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the roster in the comments. Special thanks to Camp Arnett for helping me assemble the team.

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