Panthers hopeful simplified offensive terminology leads to more success

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Panthers are getting back to basics on offense in 2013, and they're hopeful it will lead them to more success.

When the Panthers hired Rob Chudzinski before the start of the 2011 season many of us applauded the move due to the fact that Chud -- as we lovingly called him -- was known around the league as the next offensive genius.

After watching the Panthers offense perform better than we thought they ever could in 2011, we quickly saw them sink below expectations in 2012. This caused us to realize that Chud was too smart for his own good, and the best way for the Panthers to be successful going forward was to get back to doing what they do best -- running the football downhill.

According to an article posted today by Panthers beat writer Jonathan Jones, that's exactly what the Panthers are planning to do.

If you click the link you can read the entirety of Jones' piece (I highly recommend that you do), but here's the part that stood out to me the most:

Newton said this offseason is the time to "perfect our craft" going into Year 3 with most of the same core players and coaches.

In [Chudzinski's] place is Shula, who has simplified some of the terminology in the huddle. Newton gave an example of a new play call to reporters.

"Twins Right, Key Left, 631 Smash M sounds completely different than Twins Right Tampa," said Newton, comparing a call that formerly signified the formation, protection, pass concept and backfield action with the new terms.

"It comes out your mouth faster. You get in the huddle, it’s the same exact play. Everyone knows that."

"It’s not tricking ourselves. We don’t want to trick ourselves, we want to trick the defense. It’s not saying a whole novel, it’s not saying a riddle either. It’s calling a play, executing it and performing."

Hopefully Cam is right and getting back to basics is just what the Panthers need for success. It would be nice to see the offense call the play, execute it properly and finally live up to the potential we saw two years ago when Cam first stepped out onto the field, and it would be nice to see Newton have more reasons to flash the SuperCam pose.

They seem to have the right formula; now it's just time for them to go out and execute it. Call me crazy, but I think we're going to see big things from our offense in 2013.

What do you think Panthers fans? Do you think the Panthers should go back to basics? Sound off in the comments!

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